Reylan Imperial Parliament

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Parliament of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
Imperial Parliament
Parliamentary Standard.png
TypeUnicameral legislature
HousesCabinet of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
MonarchHIM Taeglan I Nihilus
since 5 July 2005
First Minister of the Reylan Imperial TriumvirateThe Right Honourable Matthew Heslop
since 25 January 2012
Minister of External AffairsSeat Vacant
since N/A
Last election13 November 2008

The Imperial Parliament of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate is elected annually by the Imperial electorate, with candidates elected to offices, rather than to constituencies. The Parliament serves as a legislative body, with some additional executive functions, and serves as the equivalent of a Cabinet in many other states. Divided primarily into two Ministries, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs, the Chair of the Imperial Parliament is the First Minister who also holds the role of Minister of Internal Affairs.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry serves as the Empire's Home Office. As Home Office and supervising ministry of the Sub-Ministries, it is charged with the supervision and coordination of all activities under it's aegis. The Ministry is responsible for submitting nominees for the Order of the Caduceus, and also assigns roles and jobs within the Imperial Civil Service.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also serves as the First Minister of the Empire, and as Parliamentary Triumvir, the representative of the Imperial Parliament on the Council of Three. As one of the two directly elected High Officers of State, the First Minister has a certain amount of influence outside the Imperial Parliament.

The Present Minister of Internal Affairs is The Right Honourable Matthew Heslop, since his inauguration by the Emperor on 25 January 2012. Mr Heslop is also entitled to the style of His Excellency, by virtue of his position as Parliamentary Triumvir.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the equitable, just and fair application and administration of Imperial Law throughout the Imperial Territories. The Empire itself has no Police force, or equivalent law enforcement agencies, and in the event of a crime being committed and brought to their attention, the Ministry is bound to investigate, by dispatching an investigative team comprising of members of the Ministry and agents of the Imperial Intelligence Network. The Ministry also has responsibility for ensuring that no fraud is perpetrated during Imperial election cycles.

The Minister of Justice is also partially responsible for the administration of the Imperial Intelligence Network, in conjunction with the Ministers of Internal and External Affairs, and other nominated members of the Oversight Committee.

Mr Matthew Heslop currently heads the Ministry as Acting Minister of Justice.

Ministry of Finance

The Minister of Finance is responsible for the management of the Imperial Treasury and economy, and has ultimate responsibility for the budget allocations of the other departments. The Imperial Bank of Reyla falls under their governance, and the Governor of the Bank is appointed by the Minister (with the approval of the Office of the Emperor and the First Minister). Financial Institutions are regulated by the Ministry and the administration of the ICU (Imperial Currency Unit), the official currency of the Empire.

One of the major recent decisions of the Ministry of Finance was to suspend the usage and printing of the ICU, for the duration of the financial crisis. It is expected that the suspension of the currency will soon be lifted, and funds will once more be made available to the citizenry.

The current Minister of Finance is the Right Honourable Mr Kerry Morris, inaugurated by the Emperor on the advice of the First Minister on May 4, 2012

Ministry of Science

The Ministry of Science is responsible for the formation of Imperial Policy regarding science and technological advances. The administration of the Imperial Science Institute also falls to the Ministry, as does the appointment of it's Director-General. The budget of the Ministry of Science, as delegated by the Ministry of Science is divided equally between the Ministry and the ISI, and the Ministry is expected to fully co-operate with all operations and investigations of the Institute.

The incumbent Minister of Science is the Right Honourable Ms Kai Stroud, inaugurated on 24 January 2012 by HIM Taeglan I Nihilus

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is responsible for the supervision of the health of Imperial citizens, working closely in conjunction with the Ministry of Science and the ISI. Within its remit also falls the regulation of medical professionals within the Empire, as well as the regulation of medications, including the safety qualifications required for drugs to become useable within the Empire. Official Imperial medical policy is also decided by the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Education

Responsible both for the education of Imperial citizens, and the formation of official Imperial educational policy, the Ministry of Education holds the duty of forming Imperial syllabi, and ensuring that Imperial citizens meet a minimum standard of education.

Ministry of Environmental Affairs

The Ministry of Environmental Affairs is charged with, as it’s motto states, ‘restoring environmental stability, one step at a time’. The Imperial Government is incredibly concerned about the protection of the environment, and the restoration of the same. The care of the environment is one of the prime concerns of the Ministry, as is the promotion of sustainable growth and living both within and without the Empire.

Ministry of Culture, Sport and Leisure

The Ministry is charged with the preservation of Imperial culture, the promotion of sporting activities, and the insurance of adequate leisure facilities within the Empire. The Ministry oversees the Office of Imperial Preservation and the Imperial Archives, in much the same way that the Ministry of Science oversees the ISI. Budgetary allocations are also managed in the same way as the Ministry of Science.

Ministry of Communications

The Ministry of Communications is responsible for the regulation of the Imperial media networks, including authorisation and licensing of new networks, and any censoring issues that may arise. Communications are also administered and regulated by the Ministry. Also within the Ministries control is ensuring that all Imperial citizens have access to adequate and appropriate communications links, including access to the internet, which is seen as an important communicative right within the Empire.

Ministry of Development

The Ministry of Development is responsible for the continuing development and expansion of the Empire, as well as the continual internal development of the institutions and ministries therein. The position of Minister for Development is often held consecutively by the Minister of Internal Affairs, but may be delegated to any of the other Ministers.

The position of Minister of Development is currently held by Mr Matthew Heslop, in his position as First Minister.

Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs is the Empire’s Foreign Office, dealing with diplomacy and foreign affairs. Responsible for the signing of treaties and appropriate international documentation, it also has aegis over the Diplomatic Service, and the appointment of foreign ambassadors and consuls. Within it’s sphere of influence also falls the task of promoting the Empire outside of its environs.

The Minister of External Affairs also holds the position of Chief Commissioner of the Diplomatic Service.