Res Publica Ensia

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Res Publica de Ensia
Ensia flag 2 (Updated).jpg Flag
Coat of arms of Ensia.png Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Ad Astra! (Latin: To the stars!)
File:Baku, Azerbaijan
and largest city
Official languagesLatin, English, Turkish (de facto)
GovernmentElective Monarchy
LegislatureNational Council
• Census
Time zoneUTC+4

Ensia, officially known as Res Publica de Ensia (Latin) is a micronation, located in the area of Mardakan, and Baku. The country has a system of elective monarchy.


Ensia was founded in 2018 on private land by King Aaron. in 2021 it declared independence.
On January 18, 2021, Ensia declared the stars HD-10307-A and HD-10307-B its colonies as Anima et Vita.

Politics and government

State device

In fact, the monarch has power over all spheres and bodies within the framework of the Constitution. The National Council elects the monarch every six months by voting. The lower ranks are appointed by the monarch himself. The National Council may appoint and approve a new position with the consent of the current Monarch.

The logo of the Ensian National Council


Law and order

The protection of human rights and the monitoring of compliance with the Constitution are the responsibility of the courts. The Police Unit of the Special Armed Forces of Ensia (SAFE) is subordinate to the courts and the National Council. The competence of the courts includes the protection of human rights and freedoms, the fight against illegal corruption, the control of identity cards, the control of security, and compliance with the Constitution. The courts are a partially independent public institution that is also responsible for enforcing laws at the State level. The courts have the power to influence the Executive branch and the National Council. Nevertheless, the courts are elected by the National Council and the Monarchy. In case of violation of the rules and laws approved in the territory of Ensia, the violator is punished with a fine or deportation, followed by a ban on entry into the country. Note: The Monarch has the power and some security powers under the Constitution. Although the monarch has immunity, he is not authorized to control certain areas of the organization's activities. This is detailed in the constitution.

Foreign relations

January 2021


The SAFE's military unit is responsible for national security, sovereignty, and specific operations. Unlike the police part of SAFE, the military is completely subordinate to the monarchy.


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