Republican Party (Quebec)

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The Communistic-Socialist Party of Quebec
LeaderAlex Jevahirian
Headquarters(Temporary) Quebec discord server
Membership  (2019)3
IdeologyClassical Liberalism
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsRed, Blue and White
House of Representatives
3 / 10

The Communistic Socialist Party or Socialist Party, was founded in the aftermath of the 2018 blue October revolution in the former, Catholique Socialist Republic. It was founded by President of Quebec sir Aidan McGrath. As a Socialist party in Quebec, they do not have any strong ties to any of the other parties in Quebec, but have a distinct ideological difference with the Fascist Party of Quebec.

The Socialist Party of Flammancia is strongly left-wing, and are proponents of left-wing politics in Quebec. Though they are named the Communistic Socialist Party, their policies are partially Socialist, Communist and partially Social Democratic.


The Communist Socialist Party campaigns mainly for increased welfare spending and the state, finding some similar ground with Chinese Parties. As well as this, it denies support of strange rights, such as LGBT rights. They pursue a pacifist foreign policy,


The party was founded on 8 of October 2018 after the 2018 Blue October Revolution.

Electoral Representation

The Flammancian Socialist Party holds five seats in the House of Representatives.