Republic of ocea land

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Worst Article

This article is just bad, and, accordingly, is part of the Gallery of What Not to Do. We hope this is clear enough.

         It is declared tha the republic has claimed to the pacific ocean. The ofice of the interior is working on having  underwater srtuctures to live in. The underwater buildings will be for sale to the public around 2037, if every thing gose as planned.
        The terms of the treaty we will try to get in place to store nationhood, are that trade will not be interferd with, and millitary training, transport will also not be interferd with. Only if the intent is to invade, or harm the republic  will action be taken. The border with other nations will be outside there national waters. This will of make international, national waters.
         There are only two islands in the republic, the rest is underwater. The republic is broken up into the northern territory, the equator nature reserve, the southern territory, and the western territory. the western territory is where most citys, and towns are planned to be located, but all territorys will be inhabited. It will be inlegal to settle in the equator nature reserve.

by the ofice of inerior, and dept. of nature reserves, and parliment.

wtf was that.