Republic of Fitzerland

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Republic of Fitzerland
Fitzerland flag.png    Coat of arms of Fitzerland.svg
National Anthem:
Forward to Peace!
Status Unrecognized state
Recognized by the United Nations as
de jure part of the United States.

Capital Williamsburg

Official languages English
Irish Gaelic

Religion Secularism

Demonym Fitzish

Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
- President of Fitzerland Maxwell A. Bierden

Legislature Senate of Fitzerland

Economy TBA

Organizations USOV

- Founding April 16, 2018
- 2nd Constitution December 18, 2018

Area 95 acres

Population 25

Currency US Dollars and Fitzish Dollars

Time zone EST/UTC-5 (EDT/UTC-4 spring/summer)

Drives on the Right

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Imperial systm

Official Government Contact


The name "Fitzerland" derived from a game original founders of Fitzerland had played while passing the time when traveling from the District of Columbia in the United States back to their home in Massachusetts. The game involved naming countries after names of those of which on the trip. One of the names had come from one of the founding fathers, Sean Fitzgerald, where is name was "Fitzerland", a combination of Fitzgerald and Switzerland. This would stick with the founding fathers for years until the founding of the nation in 2018.

The name has been contested, as there has been a backing to change the name in the future.


Early History

The earliest nations that had formed on Fitzish land had been Mesodonia. The nation, essentially a group of friends formed together to, had been founded around 2011. A flag had been risen over land that is currently the state of Bierdenvolk, yet past that, not much had been done. There had been no official borders or constitution, yet Mesodonian nationalism would continue for a few years until it would die out in 2012.

Kingdom of the Dragonfly Islands

In 2012, Maxwell Bierden, one of the original citizens of Mesodonia, had found islands within Noanet Pond, and had named them Dragonfly Island and Hex Island. The islands would then become a two-head dictatorship, with a President, Bierden himself, and an accomplice, who had become king. After the founding, more islands would be found within Noanet and would be declared a part of the kingdom, including Io Island, Snapping Turtle Island, Little Man Island, Beaver Island, New Dragonfly Island and Macintyre Island. There were ideas of expanding the Kingdom's claims outside of Noanet, yet none were made. The king, after an argument over the situation of the Kingdom, closed off the islands to visitors. The Kingdom would fall apart after the ruling. The Island are now all a part of the Fitzish territory of the Dragonfly Islands

Republic of Cottervolk

Maxwell Bierden would attempt to create a new republic in 2017, that would be named the Republic of Cottervolk. The idea would not go through due to lack of backing as well as the idea that the President would hold executive and judicial powers. The idea would quickly be snuffed out in the end.

Early Stages of the Republic

On April 16, 2018, a group of four friends, Maxwell Bierden, William Bierden, Sean Fitzgerald and Declan Mannix, would come together to form a new micronation after distaste for the United State's situation, both politically and the way the government would function. Original names for the republic would be Micrea, Fussland, yet the group would settle on Fitzerland after the group had remembered a name made around a year beforehand, a combination of Fitzgerald, Sean Fitzgerald's last name, and Switzerland, a region in which some of the original four had been ethnically from. The state would be also intended on being a German-Irish state. The same night as the signing of the declaration of independence, a constitution would be quickly written, yet in time the constitution would be expanded upon. Sean Fitzgerald would be the first president of the republic, Maxwell Bierden would take the role of senator for the original three districts, William Bierden would take full control over the minimal military, and Declan Mannix would become the Chief Supreme Court Justice.

A few months after the founding of the nation, Maxwell Bierden would take power as President, and would soon expand the reach of the Republic. New forms of creating territories, and and the creation of three new districts, Fuhkmacks, Scermany and Canadia. Along with these districts, expansions along the Purgatory Brook, into the Wetworth Swamp and on Nantucket Island. A large campaign had been made in July 2018, in which there had been many claims made in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. All of the territories claimed have either been sold, or are being planned to be given back to the United States.

Second Age of Fitzerland

In December 2018, President Bierden had found a large distaste over the old constitution, and so had the Senator from Canadia, Andre Cutler. Senator Cutler would then write a new constitution, and it would be approved by both the senate and president. New reforms, such as extensions to term lengths and federal power.


The entirety of Fitzerland is based in a temperate climate. Much of the nation's northern territories are based on the Purgatory River, Wentworth Swamp, and Noanet Pond. Some of the Southern Territories are based on Buckmaster Pond, and in the far eastern territories of Canadia are based on Pontoosuc lake.


The nation's two largest groups are the Irish and the German populations. It is estimated that combined, the groups make up about 60% of the population. There are smaller groups, such Vietnamese, West African, Australian and Greek populations.

About 96% of the population is male, yet there has been a recent rise in the female population due to expanding citizenship programs and outreach for gender diversity within the nation.

Government and politics

The government of the Republic of Fitzerland is Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, in which there are three branches: the executive branch, held by the President, the legislative branch, held by the Senate, and the Judicial Branch. Powers held by the President include veto powers over any piece of legislation passed through the senate, create and sign executive orders, control of the military and creation of executive departments. The Senate holds powers to creates bills to be passed to the President, create organizations in order to investigate any discrepancies within the republic and vote on impeachment of the president. The Supreme Court holds powers to look over any bills handed to them after the President has made a veto to the bill and create organizations in order to investigate any discrepancies within the republic.

Law Making Process

Laws or proposals within the republic begin in the senate, where 2/3 of the make up of the senate needs to approve of the bill before it is passed to the president. The President then reviews the bill, and either approves or vetos the bill. If the bill is approved, the bill becomes law. If the bill has a veto placed on it, the bill is then passed to the Supreme Court. The bill is then reviewed by the supreme court to deem if it is constitutional or unconstitutional. The bill, if deemed unconstitutional, is then dropped completely. The bill, if deemed constitutional, is passed back to the senate, where the bill have 2/3 of the senate approving of the bill. If the bill has 2/3 support from the senate, the bill then becomes law. If at any point in the law making process the bill is dropped, the senate may revise the bill, yet it must change over 50% of it's contents.

Election Process

All elections are majority rule within the republic. The President is chosen through majority vote throughout the entirety of the nation.

Political parties

There are currently three political parties within the republic

People's Party of Fitzerland (PPF)

The People's Party of Fitzerland is a more left-wing party in Fitzerland. The current party head is President Maxwell Bierden.

Ianus Deum (ID)

Ianus Deum is a conservative party within Fitzerland. The current party head is Former Senator Ian Kriensen.

Capitulus Deorum

Capitulus Deorum is a libertarian party within Fitzerland. The current party head is Senator Andrew Cutler.



Federal Subjects

Name Flag Size Population Senator Info
Irishtown Irishtown.JPG 0.2 Acres 5 Citizens (2 Permanent, 3 Abroad) Sean Fitzgerald
Mannixania Mannixania.JPG 0.2 Acres 1 Citizen (1 Permanent) Sean Fitzgerald
Scermany Scermany.JPG 5 Acres 2 Citizen (1 Permanent, 1 Abroad) Sean Fitzgerald
Fuhkmacks SIX-45C2E0E6-6352-4538-9D65-55EFB82EEEAC.JPG 0.9 Acres 3 Citizens (1 Permanent, 2 Abroad) Sean Fitzgerald\
Canadia Canadia.jpeg 15 Acres 1 Citizen (1 Permanent) Sean Fitzgerald
Bierdenvolk Bierdenvolk Flag.JPG 0.25 Acres 5 Citizens (2 Permanent, 3 Abroad) Sean Fitzgerald
Salachar Salachar.JPG 0.0009 Acres 0 N/A Used as military land
Fussland Fussland.JPG 0.17 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
The Dragonfly Islands The Dragonfly Islands.jpeg 1.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Everett-Purgatory Everret-Purgatoryflag.jpg 0.1 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Vodoya Vodoya.jpeg 0.002 Acres 0 N/A Used as naval port
Feldinsel Feldinsel.JPG 0.012 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Strandland Strandland.JPG 0.1 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation beach
Farroise Farroise.JPG 2.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
The Hirshlands The Hirshlands.JPG 0.05 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Buamland Buamland.JPG 28.27 Square Meters 0 N/A Used as farm territory
Schlammclub Schlammclub.JPG 20 Square Meters 0 N/A Used as soil land
Matthew-Patrick Matthew-Patrick.JPG 0.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
The Meadow Strip The Meadow Strip.JPG 8 Acres 0 N/A Used as river front
Fitzgerald Rock Fitzgerald Rock.JPG 4 Square Citizens 0 N/A Used as record maker
Lake James Lake James.JPG 0.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as waterfront
Bean Island Bean Island.JPG 3 Acres 0 N/A Used as river front
New Scermany New Scermany.JPG Acre 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Coleridge Coleridge.JPG 3 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Namanock Namanock.JPG 3.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as waterfront
The Herring Coast The Herring Coast.JPG 50 Square Meters 0 N/A Used as waterfront
Ronswampson Ronswampson.JPG 1 Acre 0 N/A Used as waterfront
Dynamite Hill Dynamite Hill.JPG 10 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
The Union of the Three Crowns Union of the Three Crowns.JPG 1 Acre 0 N/A Used as ocean front
Moerassen Moerassen.JPG 1.5 Acres 0 N/A Used as conservation land
Isle Land Isle Land.JPG 2 Acres 0 N/A Used as waterfront
Sub Divisions
Williamsburg Williamsburg flag.jpg 0.04 Acres (Capital) N/A Federal City
Purgatory River Purgatory River.jpeg ? 0 N/A Part of Everett-Purgatory
Prince William Cove Prince Williams Cove.jpeg ? 0 N/A It has two sectors
Dragonfly Island Dragonfly Island.jpeg ? 0 N/A Part of the Dragonfly Islands
New Hans Island New Hans Island.jpeg ? 0 N/A Part of the Dragonfly Islands
Claude Side Claude Side.jpeg ? 0 N/A Part of Prince William Cove
James Side James Side.jpeg ? 0 N/A Part of Prince William Cove
Freshformland Freshformland.jpeg ? 0 N/A ?
Grand Shore Grand Shore.jpeg ? 0 N/A ?
Charles Islands Charles Islands.jpeg ? 0 N/A Island
Macintyre Islands Macintyre Islands.jpeg ? 0 N/A Island
UTC Sectors
Portuguese Sector Portuguese Sector.JPG ? ? N/A In the UTC
British Sector British Sector.JPG ? ? N/A In the UTC
Irish Sector Irish Sector.JPG ? ? N/A In the UTC
Prince Andrew Island
Prince Andrew Island Prince Andrew Island.jpeg ? 0 N/A Has four sub divisions
Matthewsland Matthewsland.jpeg ? ? N/A Sector of Prince Andrew Island
Aliciana Aliciana.jpeg ? 0 N/A Sector of Prince Andrew Island
Abigalan Abigalan.jpeg ? 0 N/A Sector of Prince Andrew Island
Andrewsburg Andrewsburg.jpeg ? 0 N/A Sector of Prince Andrew Island
Isle Land
Fitzish-Zeeland Fitzish-Zeeland.JPG ? 0 N/A Island
Fitzish-Limburg Fitzish-Limburg.JPG ? 0 N/A Island
Fitzish-Friesland Fitzish-Friesland.JPG ? 0 N/A Island
Fitzish-Flevoland Fitzish-Flevoland.JPG ? 0 N/A Island
Fitzish-Holland Fitzish-Holland.JPG ? 0 N/A Island