Republic of Wensland

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Adiutorio tuo vincemus (Latin: We will prevail)

Alameda, California, United States
Capital cityFort Stagnaro
Largest cityFort Stagnaro
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)N/A
DemonymWenslandish, Wenslander
- Senator-in-ChiefBenjamin S. Bunger
LegislatureSenate of Wensland
Area claimed1.7 km²
Population53 (as of 1 January 2018 census)
CurrencyWenslandish Stampe
Time zone(-8 UTC)
National sportAmerican Football
National animalDomestic Dog

Wensland is a micronation founded on 16 September 2017. It was founded by current Senator-in-Chief Benjamin S. Bunger and several current senators and military officers. The nation has a small population of 53 and covers close to 2 km of land in and near the coastal town of Alameda, CA, USA.


There is no currently explained reason for the name Wensland. Some have suggested it means "wetland" due to much of the nation sitting in marshland.


In the nation's short history, not much has happened to it. Some notable dates, however, including 14 November 2017, the day the country's only military installment was ransacked and destroyed and 30 December 2017, the date of the first national elections.

Government and politics

Wensland is a variation of a republic, with elected representatives chosen every 4 years making up a Senate of 10. Each Senator hails from a different district of the nation. The leader of the government and the head of state is the Senator-in-Chief, who is elected by total popular vote across the nation. These people meet weekly in the Senate Chambers and vote on legislation. All Senators are members of councils, which either write laws based on specific topics or hold hearings and trials. They apply for the councils upon election and the Senator-in-Chief's party decides who gets on which council.

Law and order

As of 2018 all trials for violations of laws are carried out by either the Lesser Judiciary Council of the Senate or the Greater Judiciary Council of the Senate. Most offenses currently are related to treason, tax evasion, election rigging, and attempted harm. Only 2 trials have been held, the trial of the anonymous EB who embezzled 450 Stampe from the Bank of Wensland, and Charlie Orhan, who punched a Senator in the face. Awaiting trial for treason is the disgraced Drill Sergeant Archie McConnell.

Foreign relations

Wensland currently has no official ties to other nations. It is in talks to become allied with a handful of micronations.


The Wenslandish Armed Forces currently include three branches, these being the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. The Army is currently under the command of General Lucas S. Pflueger, who is leading the Army in its endeavor to build a military facility. the Navy is under the control of Admiral David T. Stagnaro, for whom the capital is named. The Air Force is being led by Commissioner Seth Adams.

Geography and climate

Wensland averages 18 degree(Celsius) temperatures, with moderate whether. Most days are slightly overcast with breaks in the light cloud cover. Fog is common during the early morning hours. Rain occurs occasionally throughout the year. Temperatures can reach 32 degrees or higher during the summer and can drop to around 7 degrees during the winter.


No current economy, except for a government-owned store chain and a private manufacturing company. The treasury's mint produces between 3 and 1000 Stampe daily.


Wensland hasn't had much time to establish a culture, nut so far it borrows heavily from Argentinian, German, Canadian, and American culture.


All press is currently state-owned and state-operated. The tiny nation hopes to establish a radio station in the future. Citizens have full access to American television and unfiltered access to the internet.

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