Republic of Vitla

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Vitla (adjective Vetlan; real name Republic of Vitla) is an Italian-speaking micronation born in July 2007, based upon the principles of freedom, democracy and justice. As of July 2008, there are around 20 citizens; anyone is female. It' s easy to predict for this micronation a brilliant future and large population growths. This micronation has stipulated several diplomatic agreements, with italophone and no-italophone very important micronations; we cite only the more good terms between Vitla, the SPQR and the Cisalpina Republic. Vitla's form of government is a mixture of representative and direct democracy. In fact, there's a Parliament, but people can use referenda not only to reject the laws enacted by the Parliament, but also to propose new laws. The year 2008 starts with a severance between the fascist parts of Vitla, who became secessionist and built up a new forum (not a micronation; no one in the Italophone Micronations, in facts, has diplomatic relationship with these persons); only the real democrats and civilizated citizens remained in Vitla. Beginning from January 2008, several times, anti-communists and anti-democratic persons, for destroy Vitla have changed informations on the history of these Republic. In spite of everything, Vetlan people has always worked for peace; consequently to the continuous attack of the enemies, only in the last days of July, someone between the citizen decided to pass to demonstrative and pacific acts, to acquaint the other italophone micronations about the criminal treatment that saw Vitla as victim. Hurry up to visit its web-site:
Republic of Vitla
National Anthem: N/A
Government: Republic
Type of Micronation: New-country Project
Location: Italy
Date of foundation: July 2007
Head of state: ????
Language: Italian
Demonym: Vitalin
Population: 20
Currency: No currency.
Diplomatic reltations: None