Republic of Universa

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Republic of Universa
Universa Flag.png
Anthem: Liberty for Universa!
File:Somewhere in Connecticut, USA
CapitalNo specific capital city, but the Department of Nistent could theoretically function as one
GovernmentSemi-presidential republic
• President (interim)
Luca Demirag
• Prime Minister (interim)
Luca Demirag
EstablishmentJanuary 17, 2021
• Census
??? (no census taken yet)

The Republic of Universa, Universa for short, is a micronation claiming sovereignty over one room in one house in Connecticut, USA. It is one of the few micronations currently ruled by plush toys. The nation does not have a set 'capital', but the Department of Nistent holds the Quad-Post, the Presidential residence, as well as the Parliament Building, so it is the unofficial capital of the nation.

This nation was founded on January 17, 2021, by Luca Demirag, the only current non-plushie resident. As they barely had any plush toys when they created it, they vowed to create 100 more plushies, which is currently unfinished. Elections will be held once these 100 have been created and the primaries of every political party have finished.

Universa is a Semi-presidential system. There is a President to handle foreign affairs and sign laws and a Prime Minister to preside over the unicameral Parliament. Luca Demirag is the current Interim President and Prime Minister. Elections are held every six months.



The Republic of Universa is maybe the 20th or 25th micronation Luca Demirag has established, the working one in a line of failures. On January 17, 2021, they proclaimed the Republic of Universa, a nation ruled by plush toys. But as they barely had any plushies, Demirag vowed to create 100 more, only one of which has been created thus far. Until then, they are Interim President and Prime Minister.

It was soon discovered that leaders in the far-left Everyone's Party had planned, if elected, to establish a dictatorship and censor the Internet. Two front-leaders, Jozef Varga and Ján Kováč, were charged with attempt to breach the Constitution and in Ján Kováč's case, attempted assassination, of Luca Demirag. Varga was sentenced to 6 months in prison and a ban from running for office for 1 election; Kováč was sentenced to 6 months in prison and a ban from running for office for 3 elections.


Soon after, riots from Everyone's Party and counter-riots from the far-right Alternative began to escalate, even resulting in a brief micro-micronation on the Department of Bokshilf, known as the Alternative State of Universa. The only free area from the riots was the Department of Deski, which is where founder of the Leafist ideology Wojciech Nowak, libertarian activist and self-proclaimed 'UFOolgist' Claude Martin, and CEO and editor of Universa Today Karl Lindqvist, announced their candidacy for the Aegis Party primaries of 2021. Soon after, a debate was held in the Bunker of the Quad-Post, rather than live on National TV, because the riots had spread to Deski.

During one of the calmer days of the riots, a flag was proclaimed and the first candidate for the Democratic Party primaries of 2021, Island Althing, was announced. Soon after, however, the Riot Police had to be brought in.

During the crisis, two political parties de-registered, the centre-left Universa Social Democrats and the centre-right Unity Party.

Marco Rossi, an ultranationalist plushie and founder of the Alternative, was arrested for attempting to murder a rioter from Everyone's Party. Rossi was swiftly charged and was given the same sentence as Ján Kováč, the plushie that was charged with attempting to assassinate Luca Demirag and attempting to breach the constitution.

After Rossi's arrest, three plushies announced their candidacy for their respective primaries. Alexander Turgenev, who has no relation whatsoever to the famous, historical Alexander Turgenev, announced his candidacy for the Alternative; secondly, Aurora Smith, who was under investigation for allegedly funding an anti-government militia, declared his candidacy for the medievalist and feudalist Party for Justice; thirdly, Manon Bernard declared her candidacy for the single-issue Flux.

On February 8, 2021, nationalists announced the Dexit movement for the independence of the Department of Deski from Universa.

On February 9, 2021, the riots were officially declared over, but minor violent incidents still occurred.

On February 11, 2021, the state of emergency was lifted.

Period of Advancement

On February 11, 2021, the Universa Space Agency was created.

On February 12, 2021, the majority of plushies voted for Demain in the Dexit referendum. The exact amount was not disclosed.

On October 27, 2021, after the official discontinuation of Universa, Luca Demirag officially reinstated the election and called for elections to be held soon. On the same day, Pirate Party Universa and Flux officially formed an electoral coalition, known as Universa Unity.

Corruption and Inefficiency

On November 21, 2021, several Universan plushies began peacefully protesting against alleged corruption, inefficiency, and authoritarianism by the government. You can read more here: 2021 Universa protests


After another period of inactivity, President Luca Demirag returned to the nation, and conceded defeat in the protests. He ended the 100 Plushies Initiative to hold elections immediately, fined the four politicians mentioned in the Prometheus Papers, reduced military funding, and reversed the Online and Media Truths Law.

First Elections

The 2022 Universa general election was held, resulting in an Aegis Party victory.

Political System

The government is comprised of three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The executive branch is made up of a President (elected every 6 months; there are no term limits), a Prime Minister (appointed by Parliament), and a Cabinet (a few members of Parliament). The President approves laws from the Legislative branch, the Cabinet enforces those laws, and the Prime Minister presides over Parliament, and breaks any ties. The Legislative Branch is made up of Parliament, appointed by the percentage of votes in certain areas. These areas are smaller than Departments because Parliament hosts 20 plushies and there are 12 Departments. The Judicial Branch decides whether laws are constitutional and tries plushies that have been arrested for committing a crime. Luca Demirag is the Interim President and Prime Minister. Find about the political parties here: List of Universan political parties

Foreign relations

Universa does not currently have relations with any country, but recognises many nations on MicroWiki.


Universan culture is widely varied across the Departments, with Deski and Bokshilf being more traditionalist than Nistent and Parex, but there are many elements shared across the nation. For example, plush toys are recognised as full citizens. Secondly, the national cuisine is recognised across all of Universa, which is a steak meal with mashed potatoes, green beans and pepper. It's not often eaten due to environmental concerns.


The military of Universa has had no combat outside of Universa, but has had lots inside with the 2021 Universa Civil Unrest. There is one military base currently, and is on the department of Karpeti.


The climate is very hot in summer, reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and very cold in the winter, reaching up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and with a wind chill of up to -11 degrees Fahrenheit. In spring and autumn it is usually either cool or warm.

Climate data for Republic of Universa
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 2.2
Average low °C (°F) -7.8
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 90
[citation needed]

Political geography

Universa is divided into 12 departments: Prist, Parist, Prex, Parex, Flori, Pilon, Nistent, Deski, Bokshilf, Klosi, Spasi, and Karpeti.


The currency of Universa is the soun. It is divided into 5 bills; the 1-soun, which features Luca Demirag; the 5-soun, which features the flag of Universa; the 10-soun, which features the Quad-Post; the 20-soun, which features a globe; and the 50-soun, which features the Constitution.


Nationalists have attempted to create a Universan language, with little, if any success. However, Wojciech Nowak recently created a language, Universan.


According to the Constitution, there will never be a state religion. However, Universism is highly worshiped, and the Tibal, the religious text of Universism, highly followed.

Political positions of Universan politicians


On David's Micronational Potential Index, Universa got a 5.0.
On Drasner's System of Classification, Universa got a 2.0, which means because it's young, it may yet prosper.
On Freayth's System of Classification, Universa got a 3.6, which is an average or somewhat advanced micronation.
On Linden's Revised System of Classification, Universa got a 3.4, which means there was a lot of effort getting the micronation to this level and it's very hard for them to fall back down unless they become inactive.
On the Usian Bureaucratic Scale, Universa got an 8.0, insinuating that it was in fact not designed by plushies, but by a Vogon.
On Roscoe's Scale of Micronational Seriousness, Universa got a 3.8, meaning that it is an average nation and with a bit of effort, could go up the RSMS.