Republic of the 43rd

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'The republic of the 43rd'
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Coat of Arms

Deus Magnus Est
(God is great)
"Anthem of 215.5" ("But I call it home")
Capital43rd House Chamber
LanguagesEnglish, Longbranch
Official religionChristianity


Legislature43rd House Chamber

Established1 April 2018
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The Republic of The 43rd (sometimes referred to by it's common name, Long branch) is a small micronation founded on April 1, 2018.


The 43rd was founded as an expiremental theocratic republic. Most of its laws are based of theocratic principles. It was also founded to adress the border indescetions between missisauga and toronto on marie curtis park. The 43rd does in no way claim all of long branch. It was found that there was a border indesretion earlir that year, and the founder had been exploring theocratic ideals. This was a way of stating that religi9on could still lead a fair and free nation.

Republic of the milage

A small state was declared as the predecessor to this nation in the Chapleau crown game preserve in far norhern ontario, but it was deemed impossible to get to. The common name for this area was "215.5" named after the milage flag stop on the Algoma railway.

The founding

A declaration of independence was drafted on april 1, 2018 declaring the nation's ideals and the territory that they claimed to occupy. So far, This declaration has not been sent to any formal authority, amidst fears thatb that authority would not tret the new nation with the respect that it deserved. A navy is being formed to defend the nation, as it has a border on lake ontario (ontariosɷɷ in the language). A constitution was drafted on the third.

Preparations for war

Many are worried about incoming war with the "progressive" inhabitants of Toronto. The navy has addressed these concerns, and now has one canoe (SS ontariosɷɷ) At their disposal.

A war was declared on the 5th of april, 2018, after a rogue state vandalised Iustian resources. This was not taken to kindly by the 43rd, who recognized Iustus and declared war on The republic of Magnolia. Iustus responded to the 43rd soon after and proposed a military alliance.



The government is comprised of 5 members, mostly independents. This cabinet is comprised of only religiously educated individuals. A governor is elected by compulsory voting from every citizen, and he/she has the power to veto any bill that goes through the cabinet.

Other Cabinets

Due to the small size of the nation, there are no smaller cabinets needed, Either provincial or municipal. There are smaller councils formed by the central government to address specific issues, such as the councils formed for garbage pickup. These councils send a representative to parliament to address their committee's problems. The committees are formed by the governor.

A scene captured near the border with Canada.

43rd House

The Unicameral Legislature is comprised of The leader from the Navy (the only branch of the armed forces), The Garbage Disposal Commission, The Governor, The Human rights commission, The normalcy Commitee, and The vice governor. If one role happens to be vacant, then there willl be no representation of that group at the chamber. All Commitee seats must be comprised of religiously educated/minded individuals.


The Governor and The Vice-Governor both get seats in Parliament. The Governor is elected from the people and he then chooses his Vice-Governor once in office. office.




===As per the border definitions, the entire nation is covered in forest. Applewood Creek is the primary waterway for the area. Due to its low banks, It has the tendency to flood quite frequently. On April 3, 2018, the water level nearly broke the banks to to heavy rainfall. A full flood happens around once a year. On July Eight, 2013, before the establishment of the republic, a giant flood caused a natural disaster in the park.


The Republic is a very religious nation, and thus reflects these ideals. The nation also boasts many symbols to call its own.


Since the official Religion is christianity, and the puppet state's official religion is Islam, both religions are recognized in the nation with venerance. Although The majority of christians residing in the nation are protestant, the many catholic inhabitants will tell you that w:St. Matthew is the w:Patron saint of the republic.

St. Matthew, The patron saint of the 43rd.



the flag is white for peace and stability of the nation, and the "flattened sun disc" represents the setting sun over lake Ontario.

The flag.


Other symbols

The national bird of the 43rd is the oldsquaw. There arme very many oldsquaws on lake Ontario. Unfortunatley, they are an endangered species, and the government has recognized the value of preserving these cultural icons. They Oldsquaw has been glorified in many songs, and some have even called the nation's venerance of this bird "worship".

The nation does not recognize any official colour.

The national flower is the sunflower. This was decided to represent the country "following the sun of God". It was also mentioned to represent the grandis growth of the country to reach for the skies. The national tree is the pine tree, due to the abundance of these trees in the area.

The National sport is soccer. There is a multi-sports field nearby.


Although some holidays are observed by only christian or only muslims, the government gives days off from school and gives optional attendance to work on all of them. There are also a few "breaks" from school for the schoolchildren. Sometimes macronational law may interfere with the celebrations.


date Holiday NOtes
47 days before Easter Sunday Pancake day Christian
Friday before easter Good friday Christian.
The Sunday following the full Moon which falls on or after the equinox. Easter Christian
1 april, every year Foundation Day Secular
49 days after easter Pentecost Christian
15 June (2018) Eid-al-Fitr Moslem
21 august (2018) Eid-ul-Adha Moslem
25 December Christmas Christian