Republic of Stalingard

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Republic of Stalingard

"Go to Gulag."
Capital city1
Official language(s)1
Official religion(s)1
Short name1
- 11
- 11
- Type - 1
- Number of seats - 1
EstablishedMarch 22nd, 2019
Population1 1
Time zone1
National dishFoond is not allowed
National drinkVodka
National animalw:Bear:Bear
National exportSickles and Hammers

Bepistan Discord Server



Political Parties

These are the following political parties in Stalingard:

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament
Мульти-Микронациональная Коммунистическая Партия М.М.К.П. MMKP.png Matthew Laptev Far Left Communist
0 / 10

Citizenship and Entry

Logo of the Department of Immigration

Immigration and entry into Bepistan are controlled by the Bepistan Departement of Immigration. Bepistan has several different entry permits, including permanent Citizenship, temporary Visa, and Diplomatic entry. Applications for these forms are listed below. Citizenship is permitted to anyone, but temporary and diplomatic entry is only allowed to countries that aren't on the non-recognized list.

Applying for entry is easy and only takes a minute or two.


Firm Handshake
Ruble Example.png
Official usersRep. of stalingard
Unofficial usersNone
Pegged toUSD - $1.00
Banknotes1 ɃĐ, 5 ɃĐ, 10 ɃĐ, 20 v, 50 ɃĐ, 100 ɃĐ
Central bankBank of Stalingard

Government and Politics

Law and Order

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Capital Area in m2
White Island WIflag.png Testing Grounds 310,601.00
Canarsie Pol and Surrounding Islands PlaceholderFlag.png Queens
Bay Ridge Branch MTALongIslandRailRoad.png Brooklyn 586,762.26
Staten Island Railroads PlaceholderFlag.png Staten Island
Bay 0 PlaceholderFlag.png Staten Island 3,189.73
Claimed Overseas Territories
Aluminiy AluminiyFlag.png Shelekhov 7,765
Datcha PlaceholderFlag.png Shelekhov
Petomnik PlaceholderFlag.png Nizhneudinsk
Dvor PlaceholderFlag.png Nizhneudinsk 12,600.28
Total Area in m2: 920918.66

Government Departments

Department Emblem Director of Department
Department of Economy and Finance BDEF BDEFLogo.png
Department of Immigration BDOI BDOILogo.png
Department of Labor BDOL BDOLLogo.png
Department of Trade and Commerce BDTC BDTCLogo.png
Department of Transportation BDOT BDOTLogo.png
Department of Foreign Relations BDFR BDFRLogo.png

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition

Unrecognized nations

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
October 5 Foundation Day The day Bepistan was officially created.
October 31 King's Day A day commemorating the first King of Bepistan on his birthday.
December 31 New Year's Eve The last day of the year, when people look back on their accomplishments and set new goals for the future.
January 1 New Years Day The start of a New Year.
March 4 Day of Pets A day to celebrate all pets, living and deceased.


Bepistan does not currently have a military as there is no use for it and relations with other countries are stable.

Geography and Climate

The Kingdom of Bepistan was originally based in Brooklyn, New York, where it claimed an island in the middle of Marine Park, Since then, the kingdom has expanded to Staten Island, another borough of NYC, where it claimed leftover, unused, and abandoned lines and infrastructure of the Staten Island Railway, and some islands off the coast of Far Rockaway, a peninsula in the borough of Queens.

Bepistan also has overseas clams in Russia.



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