Republic of South Mangolia

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South Mangolia -2018
=ch.png FlagDoogacoat.png

Populi aequitas, Intelligentia.
Largest cityMilan (By population) Milan (By size)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentJointly Controlled Constitutional State
LegislaturePeople’s Assembly
EstablishedApril 6, 2018
Time zoneUTC
National drinkNestea
National animalCat

The Popular Republic of South Mangolia was a state jointly run by members of the Anti-Mangolian Coalition in the Occitan War, Note that South Mangolia did not claim all of italy nor most of it.

The Occitan War

The Occitan War was a war that started on April 3, 2018 because Mangolia was found guilty of vandalizing the Occitan Microwiki page. The Iustus State cut ties with the Federal Republic of Mangolia and Mangolia declared war in response. A coalition of nations formed against Mangolia, including Iustus, Jasooper, Sartontia, Tupos, Alperia, Lazontia, Natia, Phokland, Free American Empire, Dolusia, and New Vinland. The coalition produced a very successful propaganda campaign that got Mangolia to surrender. The Mangolian capital of Milan was divided amongst the various members of the coalition and South Mangolia was given independence under joint control by the the coalition members.

Diplomatic Recognition of South Mangolia


On May 25, 2018 New Vinland, Iustus, Sartonia and Dolusia all revoked their claims to any territory in South mangolia and any part of the government. The Republic evolved in South Mangolia Empire, guided by Carlo Adami, cityzen elected by people of South Mangolia.

Since only Indecencia, formerly Lanzantonia hasn't revoked claims, the land was declared a Kingdom, with HRM Jevon A. Perkins as the King.