Republic of Krosechny

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Republic of Krosechny
IPad image 2015-4-20-1432147810281 0.jpgIPad image 2015-4-20-1432148828664 0.jpg

Work Toward Greatness
Capital cityKapigorod
Largest cityPhrumyosachlana
Official language(s)English, Krosechnian
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- PresidentSebastian Phillips
- Vice PresidentGrant Sieberg
LegislatureKrosechnian Savech
- Type - Bicameral
EstablishedMarch 29, 2015
Population6 Last Census taken April 30, 2015
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (UTC-5)
National animalPacman Frog
Patron saintGabe Newell

The Republic of Krosechny is a Presidential Republic located in the northern United States. It has four regions within it, Capital, Sieberia,and Beneca. The capital is Kapigorod, where the government house is located.


The country was officially created on March 29, 2015. It was known as the 'Caniferous Federation'. The country ran under this name for three days before changing the name to 'Kingdom of Sevarus'. The country ran as a kingdom from April 3, to April 10, with Sebastian I being the king. For a short while Grant Sieberg was the Prime Minister, but was changed to a Vice President with the change into a republic. Around this time the country began claiming land, first Beneca, then Sieberia. The capitol was also named a region. On April 27, Sevarus annexed Promyshlennyi, and designated it a Historical Zone (HZ). The town's name was altered to fit the Sevarusian language. On April 28, Sevarus annexed another city within the area known as Oktyabrskiy. The two cities merged into Ugol Oblast, with "ugol" meaning coal in Russian, to represent the two city's histories of being coal mining cities. On May 29 the country became known as Krosechny, which means tiny in Russian.

International Relations

As of now, the country has formal relations with the Kingdom of Ruthenia. The country also recognizes all micronations around the world, and in some cases, extraterrestrial claims. The nation hopes to join micronational unions in the near future.

Country Flag Treaty Signed
Kingdom of Ruthenia Ruthenia.png April 23, 2015

Climate and Wildlife

Since Krosechny is located in Southern Minnesota, it is in a plains. Here, the temperature can go up to 85 degrees on average during the summer. During the winter, the temp goes into an average of -2. As for wildlife, Sevarus is mostly populated by Canadian Geese, Northern Leopard Frogs in swampy areas, and a few types of birds. For trees and other brush, tall weeds, and oak and pine trees are the main type in this area.

Oblasts and Cities of Sevarus

Sevarus has three major land areas. The list below shows all three.


Flag Name Population Governor
IPad image 2015-3-14-1429038887609 0.jpg Kapigorod 2 Sebastian Phillips
IPad image 2015-3-14-1429038982613 0.jpg Sieberia 1 Grant Sieberg
IPad image 2015-3-14-1429039044991 0.jpg Beneca 1 Andres Benes


Flag Name Population Leader
IPad image 2015-3-28-1430233172779 0.jpg Ugol Oblast 0 Sebastian Phillips

(All other citizens live in land unclaimed by Sevarus)

IPad image 2015-3-27-1430181532367 0.jpg IPad image 2015-3-28-1430237512788 0.jpg

Phrumyosachlana and Okayobrusaka Maps

Krosechnian Savech

The Krosechnian Savech is a council of 3 people that functions by voting to pass bills, and laws. Savech means council in Krosechnian. As of now there is only one party, but it might change in the future.

Party Leader Seats
Krosechnian Republians Sebastian Phillips 2
Krosechnian Communists Ethan Kuhl 1