Republic of Ruvia

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The Republic of Ruvia [ r u: v i a] (for short: Ruvia) is a micronational country in Central-Europe. This country was

Ruvian flag
Coat of arms
Anthem : Our land
Capital city : Degarashi
President (Syvis) : Benjamin Danalev

Natalia Esheba

Language: Ruvian (and Hungarian)
International language : English
Population: (new data in november) 54


Ruvian litev
Founded: 02.07.2011

founded on 2. July. Ruvia is a presidential republic, the president (in ruvian : syvis [s i: v i s]) leads the country.

Ruvia wants to be an active micronation and would like to make contacts with other micronations.


The Republic of Ruvia is located in Central-Europe. The river Raab (ruvian : Riln) is flowing in the near, but somewhere the river steps across the border of Ruvia. There are a lot of beautiful forests and hills in the country. The summer is hot but sometimes it rains a lot because of the continental climate, the winter is cold and snowy

Riln river in the region Budarah

Administrative Division

Administratively, Ruvia is divided into 9 regions. The capital city of Ruvia is located in the region Gararah.

Regions in Republic of Ruvia

The 9 regions are:

  1. Tolarah
  2. Severah
  3. Bilorah
  4. Budarah
  5. Detrorah
  6. Gararah
  7. Tordarah
  8. Montarah
  9. Zovlerah


For the ruvian people and ruvian government the activity has an important priority. When a micronation is not active, then it is not a real micronation. The government is trying to grow the number of the population (citizens).

Contacts & Alliance

The way things are going, we would like to make contacts with other nations, only if it is possible. Or make alliances.

Relationship with:

Allied micronations:

  • Baconia (26 August 2011)


The official e-mail address of all affairs is :