Republic of Ridiculum

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Republic Of Ridiculum
Flag of Ridiculum.jpg
Coat of Arms:
Ridiculum Seal.jpg

Et pax omni aequalitate (Latin for: Peace and Equality for all)
National Anthem: [1] Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik

Western Missouri (Note Picture soon)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)none
Short nameRidiculum
- Prime MinisterElection in Progress
EstablishedMay 18 2013
Area claimed1/3 of an acre
CurrencyThe Ridiculum Dollar or RD
Time zone(Midwest Time zone)
National sportFootball/Soccer
National animalLabrador
Patron saintSt.Patrick
Currently unrecognized

The Republic of Ridiculum is a micronation that was founded on the May 18th 2013. The most notable features include it is split into two territories that are separated by over 30 miles and is a 1/3 of an acre of land


Ridiculum is Latin for silly or ridiculous. The name was chosen due to the nature of how politicians around the world tend to act. The founders felt it would just be easier to be upfront about it in this nation.


On the 18th of May 2013 Ridiculum peacefully declared independence and set about creating a political system that cares more for the country as a whole. So far the Nation has quickly gone underway under the temporary leadership of the revolutionary council. In a short time they have already begun on a constitution and a bill of rights and even quickly passed a few laws. Some include the ban on firearms and the open border policy.

The Nation is also currently holding its first ever elections For Prime Minister and his Vice Minister. Which have been interesting since political parties were immediately outlawed due to the belief parties get in the way of progress. This has forced each candidate to run on their beliefs instead of a group's.

Government and politics

Politics have been carefully planed out and the country will have elected official with a Prime and Vice Minister. It should be noted however, Political Parties have been banned.

Law and order

Their is a single police officer in the Republic, however crime and punishment is handled by the U.S.

Foreign relations

Is currently unrecognized and is slow to diplomatic relationships


Guns are banned throughout Ridiculum and with the heavy leaning towards pacifism, Ridiculum's military is quite poor. The current army has 0 recruits, however the army does have access to a hockey stick from 1991 and a wiffleball bat.

Geography and climate

The Climate in Ridiculm is similar to that of Missouri, in that it can go from 100f and sunny to 24f and snowy in a matter of hours.

Ridiculum and Her territories

Ridiculum, the main territory

Although the capital it is the least populated with only 3 residents. However it does contain the basement of a house and that property's back yard. This is home to the Prime Minister's office, The Banking and Weather service headquarters. Like the other territory it is bordered by the U.S. on all sides and just above the stairs.

South Ridiculum

Home of the Vice Minister and the most heavily populated with a permanent population of 5. This territory is largely lacking in organizations or government offices but is home to the strange group known only as the "Guild of Fish Whispers". Many suspect them to be a secret cult. This too is also bordered by the U.S. on all sides.


Their is little to no economy in Ridiculum. The only sources are drawings and selling used videogames


The culutre of Ridiculm is a Majority Missourian while the minority is Kansasans. This split is due to the nearby borders of Missouri and Kansas.

Their are also two noteworthy holidays in Ridiculum,Independnce day on May 18 and Football/Soccer day on August 18 where the nation gathers to watch the championship game.


The Ridiculum Football/Soccer League hosts two teams from the two territories, Sporting Ridiculum from Ridiculum and South Ridiculum F.C. The league's first season starts in June and will end in August.

The Ridiculum Basketball Association also has two teams from both territories,The South Ridiculum Globetrotters and Ridiculm Wilddogs. The league's first season will start and end in July.

Their is one final team, The Nation Football/Soccer team, but as of now, no games are scheduled.


The only two forms of Media are the Nation's Twitter account and the Ridiculum Nation Weather Service...Which incidentally broadcasts through the nation's twitter account.

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