Kingdom of Radoslavia

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Kingdom of Radoslavia

Líp než dřív (Better than Before)
Pochod studentské legie (March of the Legion of Students)
Czech Republic
Capital cityBruntál (de facto)
Official language(s)Czech
Short nameRadoslavia
GovernmentUnitary elective absolute monarchy
- MonarchAlbert Flinkmann
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed0,01 km²
Time zoneUTC+1

The Kingdom of Radoslavia (Czech: Radoslávské království) is a small micronation located in the Czech Republic, near Bruntál. Historically, it claimed the whole Bruntál and Jeseník district as its territory, however theese claims have been recently revoked. Today, a small unused land is considered the only part of the micronation.

Radoslavia was founded on 15th Febuary 2017 as the Republic of Radoslavia. The kingdom was proclaimed in 2020 due to inactivity and the general loss of interest of its citizenry. Today, most of the power is invested in the monarch, with the Senate having limited influence.

Outside of its territory, Radoslavia is also responsible for governing the Post-Bobanish Administration, the entity created after the dissolution of Bobania.


The Kingdom of Radoslavia is functionally an absolute monarchy, with the monarch (the king) being both, the head of state and the head of government. Although the Senate, the institution created in the times of the republic, still remains as the official legislature, its power is limited. The Senate is formally responsible for making laws, but the king is able to veto them. In addition, the king himself issues decrees with power grater than the law, making the Senate de facto an advisory body.

The judiciary is carried either by the monarch, or by the judges appointed by the him. Since the creation of Radoslavia, there wasn't any case.

International relations

Historically, Radoslavia has followed isolationist international policy, especially when dealing with micronations outside of the Czech sector. However, over the years Radoslavia has established diplomatic relations with several micronations. Thanks to its membership in the UMCE, Radoslavia holds at least limited contact with all members. Radoslavia has especially good with Mekniy, which is considered an historic ally, and Mekniyan companies are allowed to operate in Radoslavia. Radoslavia is a member of emerging Aenia, a confederacy of several influential Czech micronations. A now-defunct micronation of the Republic of Moravia is considered an historic rival, however the relations were neutral.


Radoslavia is pretty rich micronation thanks to fiscal-conservative policy but economy itself isn't very advanced. All of the income comes from donations of the government officials.