Republic of Ráshöanire

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The Republic of Ráshöanire
Rashoanire flag.JPG

We as one shall live but as a unity is to be free as the Ráshöanire people are!
Anthem: We love Ráshöanire as the rising sun set forth are lives live as a grand unity of prosperity and freedom are mission is the pursuit of happiness.
Capital city Shormire
Largest city Rubstisez
Official language(s) Ráshöan & English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Ráshöanireians
Government Full Presidential System
- Vice-President Rosana Rankin
- President Lee Rankin
Legislature Congress
Established September 15, 2013
Area claimed 2136 ft.²
Population 6 (as of 2013 census)
Currency Dollar
Time zone Eastern Time Zone
National sport Basket Ball
National animal Russian Tortoise
Patron saint St. Lionel Ivor Rankin

The Republic of Ráshöanire is a micronation founded on September 15, 2013.


The origin of Ráshöanire's name arrived from the Rankin family who then changed the country name to Ráshöanire.


Ráshöanire was formed on September 15, 2013 by the Rankin family.

Government and Politics

Ráshöanire is governed as a full presidential system.


Law and order

The nation maintains one police officer.

Geography and Climate

The weather within the country is usually humid and Ráshöanire maintains a grassy terrain with many palm trees and roses. Ráshöanire is mainly in hot weather of 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Spintho is a city-state territory claimed by the Republic of Ráshöanire. Spintho language is Ráshöan. Spintho loves animals and all the people are vegans. Spintho has 3,500 residents.

UniRYDE is a territory claimed by the Republic of Ráshöanire. UniRYDE languages is Ráshöan & Cypœhter. UniRYDE is the home to Republic of Ráshöanire army bases. UniRYDE has 5,000 residents.

Pįkutymisernb is a territory claimed by the Republic of Ráshöanire. Pįkutymisernb languages is Ûpotriłæsęrdlø & Ráshöan. Pįkutymisernb is the industrial city that produces all the steel for UniRYDE and the Republic of Ráshöanire. Pįkutymisernb has 200 residents.


The national currency is the dollar.