Republic of Pantonia

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Republic of Pantonia
Flag of Republic of Pantonia
Coat of arms of Republic of Pantonia
Coat of arms
View from Pandaria, Modenshia
View from Pandaria, Modenshia
Largest cityOldie/Westfalia
Official languagesEnglish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Aafricans, Norwegian
Recognised regional languagesCatalan, Polish, Crizzit, Nadarin, Ašweg, Patoia, Manatiqesh
36% Christian, 14% Muslim
GovernmentMonarchy, Parliament
• King
• Dutchess of Shalzkotten
• Duke of Magrathea
Establishment19th of February 2022
• Total
0.6208 km2 (0.2397 sq mi)Estimated
• Land
62.08 ha (153.4 acres)
• (as of 22/04/2022) census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
HDI (2023)Steady 0.895
very high
CurrencyPantonian Spleef (₽)

Pantonia (/pæntoʊnjiə/), officially known as the Republic of Pantonia, is a micronation based in western europe. As of April 2022, Pantonia is divided into 6 regions. Pantonia was founded on the 19th of February 2022.


Pantonia gets its name from the Pantone color matching system. It's a system that makes sure colors look the same when they are printed on different materials , and is used a lot in graphic design and printing.


The government of Pantonia was established on the 19th of February 2022. Many people argue though, that pantonia has existed since 2021, 2016, or even the 1800s. The Westfalian region of pantonia has a very rich history, even disputes involving nazis. When Modenshia was first founded, many people argue that it was founded when the first town was founded within Modenshia, Frankie's Ville, while others say it was founded when the government and flag were established.

Here are some other historical stories within Pantonia:

Flag History

Flag History
Date Flag

Politics and government

The Republic of Pantonia is a constitutional monarchy, the Monarchy is made up of several family members, who control everything in pantonia.

Parliment of Pantonia
Coat of arms or logo
Class of Maligles
Class of Commons
since 17/2/2022
Class of Maligles
since 19/7/2022
Class of Commons
Yutrishi Reg
since 19/12/2022
SeatsClass of Maligles: 4
Class of Commons: 6

Foreign relations

Unknown Relations

Negative Relations


The Pantonian Imperial Defense Force (PIDF) serves as the primary military arm of the Republic of Pantonia. It is commanded by the General Jack Norman and composes of a force of four soldiers. Despite not having seen active combat, the PIDF is equipped with a range of weaponry, including a trebuchet and a collection of spears and sharpened sticks.


Political Parties

Political Parties
Party Parliment Seats Candidate Occupation Delegates
Al Burger
3 / 29 (10%)
Mr Burger Authority Chief 2
Mature Fsh Party
3 / 29 (10%)
Yutrishi Reg None 2
Technological Party

of the Future

5 / 29 (17%)
Magestick Chief of PTDF 4
Democratic Party
3 / 29 (10%)
Hoodie Province Governor 2
Beast Crew
2 / 29 (7%)
Charlie Radio host and


Helper Party
1 / 29 (3%)
Desiree Leader of Allied


Obama Party
0 / 29 (0%)
Cake PIDF soldier In Training 0
Uri Party
2 / 29 (7%)
Uri None 1
Awakening Party
1 / 29 (3%)
Nikolov Virtual Citizen,

Foreign Diplomat


2022 Winter Election

The 2022 Winter Election was for the position of Mayor of the Commons Class. The election started on the 9th of December and ended on the 21st. A total of 7 parties participated, and the election had 2 rounds, the second one beginning on the 18th of December.

Region Sepperations

The Republic of Pantonia has a 4-tier administrative division system: Regions/Districts, Provinces, States, and Cantons (which is rarely utilized and only in larger Provinces).

Regions are the first layer of devision, and are only used for pantonian territories located in different areas of the world. There are currently 6 regions in Pantonia, which are:


Modenshia is currently the capital region of Pantonia, and has a population of 2/10 people. Modenshia was the first region established in Pantonia, and holds several cultural assets of Pantonia. Modenshia is located in Algarve, Portugal, and sees very green and lush winters, however has very harsh and dry summers, with some occasional drought


Magreathea is the second capital of Pantonia, and also holds multiple cultural assets. Magrathea always had a sort of sepperatist feel to it, when the region was ruled by the province of Benessia, which is the capital of Magrathea and also has alot of the Region's culture. This sepperation vibe has existed since around 2016, when tNadar was created, a popular Legand among Pantonians. Magrathea is located in Catalonia, Spain, and has similar climate to Modenshia, but less extreme conditions, and more humidity.


Westfalia was established in 1684, as a local brewery, and decade or so later, a theatre was established nearby. At this time, the government and place of westfalia didn't exist, and was just an unnamed area. Around 1910-20, the theatre was upgraded into a cinema, displaying black and white movies, and in the coming decade adding sound. Things stayed pretty quiet, until WWII, when the nazis took over Germany. The ancestors of the Pantonian Monarchy refused to play nazi propaganda in the cinema, so the nazis ended up invading the cinema. The whole conflict lasted around a week. Nothing else noticeable happened for the next 60 years. In the 21st centaury, the cinema was replaced with a disco club. 10 years later, the Republic of Pantonia offered Westfalia to join them, that's when the government, flag, and name was established. Westfalia, is named after a Volkswagen model called Westfalia. Today, westfalia is the biggest region of pantonia, with a population of around 50 people, and is home to 7 businesses, including The Capitol which is a disco club that replaced the cinema in the early 21st century.


Shalzkotten is a relatively small region, only consisting of one house and has a population of 12. Shalzkotten is located in North-Rhine Westphalia ( not to be confused with the region of Westfalia ) The reason Shalzkotten exist, and isnt just a state of Westfalia, is because of its large population of Monarch Members. Shalzkotten is known to have many Ridiculous and absurd province names, such as "pipi-pupu check" and "ur mom".


Annies town is located in Cape town, South Africa, and has a population of 2. Annies town is known to host swimming lessons for young kids on the weekends and has an inconsistent painted-rock business. Annies town is also known for their many cats, and regular visits from the cosmos, aliens that leave a green powder on the driveway, this subject is currently relativley unknown and is being investigated by the CDA.


Satis is an Autonomus Region of Pantonia, located in Southern Norway. Satis joined Pantonia around april 2022, and was close to leaving Pantonia in January 2023 when the leader had an argument with the Dutchess of Shalzkotten, over the subject of the quality of the discord server. Satis is split into 2 provinces, Raro and Crebra.


In Pantonia, the currency is pantonian spleef. 1 pantonian spleef = €0.42 / $0.45. The main source of income in pantonia is from Westfalian businesses, which do not count for the GDP as there is no way to measure the income, and the businesses use Euros and not Spleef.


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