Republic of Oxford

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Republic of Oxford

Capital cityOxford
Largest cityOxford
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameOxford
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
Assembly of Colleges

Map of Oxford

The Republic of Oxford is a city-state located in the English city of Oxford. The Republic is subdivided into twenty counties and a territory. The entirety of the republic is located within the Oxford Ring Road, with the exception of the Cheslovian Protectorate.

Government and Politics

General Assembly

Party Name Logo Leader Position Seats in the General Assembly
People's Coalition OxfordPeople'sCoalition.png Left
31 / 66
National Liberal Party Right
19 / 66
The Moderates Centre
12 / 66
Green Party Left
3 / 66
Anti-fascist League Far-left
1 / 66

Assembly of Colleges

Party Name Logo Leader Position Seats in the Assembly of Colleges
Mansfield Bloc Progressive
37 / 222
Magdalen Bloc Conservative
29 / 222
Christ Church Bloc Conservative
27 / 222
Balliol Bloc Conservative
26 / 222
Gender Equality Alliance Progressive
24 / 222
The Union Conservative
21 / 222
Green Bloc Progressive
20 / 222
Equality Alliance Progressive
19 / 222
Small College Alliance Third Way
11 / 222
Private Hall Bloc Third Way
8 / 222
Flag Arms Name Pop. Area
Parish of
All Souls
Parish of
South Central
Parish of
Ashmolean Central
Parish of
High Street
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
St Catherine's
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
West Central
Parish of
St Hugh's
Parish of
Lady Margaret Hall
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
Parish of
New Hinksey
Parish of
Blackbird Leys
Parish of
Parish of
Port Meadow