Republic of Nordica

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Republic of Nordica

"Oberenth, Vynelska, og Var"
Capital cityKallipolis
Largest cityKallipolis
Official language(s)Nynorren, English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentOligarchical Republic
- ConsulTyler Needham
- SenateNordican Senate
LegislatureSenate, Assembly
- Type - Bicameral
CurrencyNordican Krone
Time zone(NST)
National sportCroquet
National animalLlama
Patron saintSts. Perpetua and Felicity


The Republic of Nordica was founded on May 18, 2009 by Tyler Needham. He had stumbled across the Republic of Molossia, and began to look into the subject of micronationalism. After reading up on the topic and reading about many micronations, Tyler decided to create one. He then established the Republic of Nacinimod, whose name later changed to the Republic of Nordica. Since then Nordica has been recognized by many members of Tyler's school, becoming a hobby for many students.


Rise of the Monarchy The Republic of Nordica, then the Republic of Nacinimod, continued on with little growth until Tyler enlisted the help of Clemence Kim. Tyler took the position of Consul (head of government), and quickly appointed Clemence head of state, with no specific title. The two were able to organize a basic governmental structure and were quickly able to recruit many other members. A few days after becoming head of state Clemence Kim assumed position as the first King of Nacinimod, declaring himself King Clemence I. He knighted Tyler Needham, who kept his position as consul and supported the monarchy. After reforming the government to a monarchy, King Clemence I appointed Taylin Reinholtz as his queen to rule by his side and assist in decisions. As Clemence and Taylin acted as the figure heads of Nordica, Tyler began growing the government. He appointed Joe DiMaria as Minister of Defense and Anna Stern as Minister of Culture. With the help of these two new ministers, the government flourished, leading to a golden age under the monarchy. For four months Nacinimod rapidly expanded, building both a culture, military doctrine, and governmental structure.

The Rebellion On October 21, Tyler Walker led a rebellion against the monarchy. He opposed the monarchy, claiming that it took away from Nacnimodians individual freedoms and suppressed the potential of Nacinimod. Walker was viewed as a radical, as the monarchy was viewed favorably by the majority of the population. However Walker was able to build up a large following, and threatened to secede. The people of Nacinimod began to doubt the strength of the government, and began to side with Tyler Walker. However, Tyler Needham with the help of Minister DiMaria was able to overthrow the rebellion. However the rebellion made Tyler realize that a republic was a better fit for Nacinimod. After bribing Queen Reinholtz, Consul Needham and Minister DiMaria were able overthrow the monarchy, exiling Clemence Kim and appointing Taylin Reinholtz Minister of Foreign affairs. Tyler realized Walker's potential as a leader, and appointed him governor of the first Province, Agedallat.

Glory of the Republic The Republic of Nacinimod was extremely successful, even more so as it was under the monarchy. Now Chancellor Needham established an entire cabinet, with the peak membership at 8 ministers. A Senate was also established, creating legislation in the Republic. Under this system, the individual facets of government were able to expand. Rather than being run by a single person, each minister concentrated on a certain ministry. Probably the most succesful of these ministries was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was able to gain Nacinimod recognition by Molossia, Vikesland, Aerica, Forvik, Das Wuestereich among other micronations. Being recognized by these other micronations gave the public a boost of moral and helped the country expand. In April 2010 the Republic of Nacinimod was renamed the Republic of Nordica, because Chancellor Needham decided that Nacinimod was too hard to type and say. The Republic of Nordica quickly decided it was time to expand, and on April 26 created two more provinces, Kaaluit and Winsol. Two days later on April 28, the Republic of Nordica reached an agreement with Das Wuestereich, establishing the micronation as a province of Nordica. The Senate was expanded to 9 members, two members from each province and one member appointed by the chancellor.

War After months in exile from the Republic of Nordica, the former king Clemence formed a new nation, the Clemencian Empire, managing to build up a strong following, even attracting members of Nordica who were still loyal to the crown. Clemencia posed a serious threat to Nordica, at one point almost annexing it. However Chancellor Needham was able to succesfully negotiate with Clemence, eventually reaching a treaty. Clemencia was to join Nordica as an Autonomous province, and Nordica must give represenation from Clemencia in the Nordican Government and recognize Clemence as King of the Province of Nordica.

Rise of the Oligarchy Months passed, and leading government officials began to realize the Republic was beginning to fail. Chancellor Needham, along with Minister Bell and Minister Prendergast reformed the government as an Oligarchical Republic. The Senate was reorganized into an aristocracy, consisting of influential Nordican government leaders. Chancellor Needham resumed his old post as Consul, appointing Clemence Kim as the second Consul. He decided that in the old system, the people were not given enough voice, so he established a system of provincial direct democracy. While the Senate still has the main legislative, and some executive, power, the power was given to the people for simple matters.

Government and politics

Executive Branch The Executive Branch consists of the following members:

  • Consul - Tyler Needham
  • Consul - Clemence Kim
  • Praetor - Joe DiMaria
  • Censor - Steve Prendergast
  • Quastor - Taylin Reinholtz
  • Aedile - Jeremy Stebens

Political parties National Party - Conservative Party of Nordica, known to be libertarian on many issues, currently has a super majority in the government Left Opposition Party - Liberal Party of Nordica, lead by Chairman Elias Perrinson

The Aristocracy The Aristocracy consists of former Ministers, Senators, Nobles, Knights, and other prestigious government members and citizens from before the Aristocracy was established. In late November 2010 the aristocracy was created from leading Nordican citizens. The Senate is made up of members from the aristocracy, who are chosen by the Censor.

Law and order

A law system based on natural law is being established, however for now Roman Law applies

Foreign relations

Treaties of Mutual Recognition

Micronations recognized by Nordica


The Military is currently headed by Praetor DiMaria, along with Admiral Martinez


Economy is being developed


Nynorren Nynorren is a language created by Elias Perrinson for the Republic of Nordica. Literally New Norse, it has roots in Scandinavian languages. It is currently in development, currently consisting of basic grammar rules, a number system, and a few hundred words.

Holidays January 1 - New Years January 8 - Norton I Day May 18 - Founder's Day October 25 - Republic Day December 25 Christmas


The sole source of Media is the Nordican Herald, the Editor-in-Chief being Clemence Kim. Despite Clemence being a current Consul, the newspaper is a nongovernmental entity