Republic of New Canada

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Republic of New Canada
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Freedom and Equality Forever
Musical Anthem: O' Canada
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: North America, Antarctica, and Pacific Ocean
Area claimed: 2 Acres (just North America Territorry)
Membership: unknown
Date of foundation: January 2006
Date of Dissolution January 2008
Leadership: President Zachary Vercetti
Purported organizational structure: Semi-Presidential Federal Republic
Language: English and French
Purported currency: UNAro, US dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Acadame North Dinar


The Republic of New Canada Started as a small micronation of 5 acres. The date of foundation is 16 October 2006. The micronation chaged it's second (New Canada originally) name from the Republic of Torantaanne to the Republic of New Canada. in early 2007 President Zachary A.A. Vercetti and Prime Minister Selina S. Wyatt declared presidency for life.

In March, 2008, President Zachary A.A. Vercetti and Prime Minister Selina S. Wyatt were overthrown in a coup attempt. The revolution was successsful and peaceful, similar to people power in the Philippenes. The revolution peacefully installed Suzannah Wict as the new president of New Canada. The autocratic rule of Vercetti and Wyatt is now over and people enjoy freedom and democracy.

In April, 2007, a new constitution was drafted. President Wict and The New Canadian Senate called it "dictator proof" and it was designed to guarantee democracy, freedom, and the corrupt Vercetti-Style government would not return.

President Wict declared New Canada would dissolve in 2008.


Today, New Canada has ceased to exist.


As with any micronation, the legitimacy of the Republic of New Canada is questionable. New Canada maintains its real world goal of International recognition.

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