Republic of New Antrim

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Republic of New Antrim
Flag of New Antrim 2020 edition.png

Workers of the World, Unite!
Capital cityNeilston
Largest cityNeilston
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameNew Antrim
DemonymNew Antrian
GovernmentFederal Marxist-Leninist One Party Socialist Parliamentary Republic
- General Secretary of the Communist PartyEoin Maxumus
- Chairman of the PresidiumStabntaman
- Chairman of the Supreme People's Council of MinistersEoin Maxumus
LegislatureSupreme People's National Assembly
Area claimed1km
Population- 15 (as of 2020 census)
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zone(UTC)
National sportNone
National animalDog
Patron saintNone Currently

None Currently

The Republic of New Antrim, more commonly known as New Antrim, was a micronation in Ireland founded by Eoin O'Neill in 2017, it went into a period of inactivity in 2018 and then came back into existence in Mid 2019 as a Soviet State, later as a Lordship then as a Principality before becoming an Independent State in August 2019.

New Antrim is now a multi-branch democracy with a Council of Ministers, National Assembly, Presidium and a Supreme Court.


New Antrim is named after the County of Antrim which it is completely surrounded by.

During 2017 the Micronation that would become New Antrim had a naming issue but eventually New Antrim prevailed


Timeline of Events: January 1st 2017: Republic of Mach founded

June 29th: New Antrim formed as a Kingdom

September 2017 - May 2019 inactive period

May 2019: New Europan Federal Soviet Republic formed

July 2019: Kingdom of New Europa and New Antrim founded

August 2019: Lord Eoin coups King Jude, passes the High Laws of the Empire and grants New Antrim independence

September 14th 2019: The Republic of New Antrim Disolved

February 10th 2020: Republic re-established

February 18th 2020: Constitution ratified.


New Antrim is a federal One Party State, currently under the de facto Leadership of Eoin O'Neill who is currently, General Secretary of the Communist Party, Chairman of the Supreme People's Council of Ministers and the Minister of Communal Affairs and Culture.

Communes can self govern like the Republics of the USSR and with permission some communes can join micro national organisations.