Republic of Nelinka

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Republic of Nelinka
Republic of Nelinka.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Dogs should have power as well
Anthem: Nelinka lítá (Nelinka is flying)
Official languagesEnglish, Czech, Nelese
• Vice President
• President
• (as of 13 January 2021) census
CurrencyCzech Koruna
Nelly Dollar
Time zone(UTC+01:00)

The Republic of Nelinka or alternatively the Nelinka Republic, is a micronation in the Czech Republic. It was founded on 16 May 2020 by Luky.

The government of the country is in the capital city, Doggoville. As of now, it is very small, only having 4 members.


The creation (May 2020 - September 2020)

The idea for the country has been going around 2 days before its creation. After those 2 days, on 16 May 2020, the Republic of Nelinka has been created with everything it mostly needed for the time. During summer, the country has been mostly inactive, but it got active again on winter and later.

Small activity (Winter 2020 - January 2021)

The country was active again, and the national currency, Nelly Dollar, was created as an Ethereum token. Not much else happened though.

Geography and climate

The temperature on winter season is normally around 7 C° and the weather is mostly cloudy and rainy/snowy, while the summer season usually has around 20 C° and completely sunny. The terrain is mostly flat, but a slight hill is there somewhere.


Because Nelpublic is located in Czech Republic, a lot of people use Czechia's currency, the Czech Koruna. But, for stuff with Nelpublic, we have created our own currency named Nelly Dollar. It isn't used much right now though.

Culture and media

Republic of Nelinka hasn't got much attention. As it is quite inactive at the moment, there is almost no way for it to get much attention. Culture section coming soon

See also

Nelese - Nelinka's official language