Republic of Nelinka

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Republic of Nelinka

Dogs should have power as well
Nelinka lítá (Nelinka is flying)
Map of where Nelpublic is
Capital cityDoggoville
Official language(s)English, Czech
Short nameNelpublic
GovernmentNeltak Main Office
- Vice PresidentMaty
- PresidentLuky
Area claimedaround 10km²
Population10 (as of 17 May 2020)
CurrencyCzech Koruna
Time zone(UTC+02:00)
National sportRunning
National animalDog

The Republic of Nelinka (Nelinkovská Republika or Nelpublika in czech), more commonly known as Nelpublic or alternatively Nelinka Republic, is a micronation in the Czech Republic. It was founded on 16 May 2020 by Luky.

The government of Republic of Nelinka is in the capital city, Doggoville. As of now, it is very small, only having 4 members.


The original name was supposed to be "Nelinka Republic", but was later changed to "Nelpublic". Then, the idea of "Republic of Nelinka" came to mind and became the official name, while keeping "Nelpublic" as a shorter, alternative name. Some alternative names were formed, they aren't used much though.


The idea of creating this micronation started 2 days before it's creation, when a lot of stuff around "How to create a country" started popping up in Luky's recommended. Later on, the idea started to be there and the development started, including finding land, a good name and population.

Geography and climate

The front of Neltak Main Office.

The temperature is normally around 15 C° and the weather is mostly cloudy. The terrain is mostly flat, but a slight hill is there somewhere. We are located in Prague 6 and Stodůlky, both in Czech Republic.


Because Nelpublic is located in Czech Republic, a lot of people use Czechia's currency, the Czech Koruna. But, for stuff with Nelpublic, we have created our own currency named Nelcoin. It isn't used much right now though.

Culture and media

Because the Republic of Nelinka is quite new, it isn't known anywhere.

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