Republic of Michalland

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Republic of Michalland

Flag of Poland (The Kalmar Union).svg.png

Long Lýð Mikálland!
Green Heights, 6th of October City, Cairo, Egypt
Capital cityBernø
Largest cityMikkalstad
Official language(s)Michalonian, English, French
Official religion(s)All
Short nameMichalland
- PresidentMichal Nowacki
- Prime MinisterMichal Nowacki
LegislatureMikallandín Alþingí
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 2
Area claimed50m2
Population1. Only president was involved (Michalland was more of an imaginary nation)
Time zoneVaries
National sportnone
National animalnone

The Republic of Michalland was a micronation located in Cairo and Switzerland. It was the predecessor to the Republic of Litvania, and was founded by the same peron, Michal Nowacki. It consisted of his bedroom, and had colonies in his garden, along with several territories and cities in Poland. It had only 1 citizen, and was involved in several wars with its bordeing nation, Filipoland.