Republic of Mativati

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Mativati, officially the Republic of Mativati, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state but is commonly referred to as a micronation by outsiders. Founded within the Northwestern United States, Mativati declared independence from the United States in January 2019.

It is an enclave country, consisting of one small piece of land in the Northwestern United States.

Mativati's cultural trappings and government positions reveal Caribbean, South Pacific, and African influences on the nation.


Mativati is a republic, in which citizens rely on a direct democracy system in order to elect their representatives, who in turn vote for a Chief on behalf of their constituents (if it is a 50/50 vote in either Congressional or Chief elections, the candidates flip a coin to decide who wins).

Presidential elections take place annually from December 21-January 1, while Congressional Elections take place annually from November 21-December 1.


The Mativati Marines are the sole military force of the Republic of Mativati, administered and funded by the Mativati Congress.

The current Chief, C. Robinson, is the current Chief of Marine Forces.