Republic of Matachewan

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Republic of Matachewan
Flag of Matachewan 4.pngHerb Polski 1919-27 Polish coat of arms 1919-1927.svg

Independence is Only for the Strong
"Free Matachewan"
Matachewan Ontario
Capital city Matachewan
Largest city Matachewan
Official language(s) English, Polish, French
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Matachewan
Demonym Matachewanian
Government Parliamentary Republic
- President Brandon Mierzwa
Legislature Sejm
Established June 30th, 2015
Area claimed km²
Population 140 (Official Citizens)
Currency Matachewan Złoty
Time zone EST
National sport Baseball
National animal White Eagle
Patron saint Saint Andrew

Matachewan History

Matachewan's Early History

Matachewan's Recent History

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideaologies Seats
Conservative Party of Matachewan Flag of Matachewan 4.png Brandon Mierzwa Right-Wing Conservative
10 / 25
MDP Untitled presentation (10).jpg ________ ________ Left-Wing Social Democratic
0 / 25
Steel Helmets of Matachewan Untitled presentation (11).jpg _________ _________ Far Right Fascism
0 / 25
Independent Party Untitled presentation (9).jpg Centrist Independent
0 / 25
Liberal Party of Matachewan Untitled presentation (9).jpg __________ _________ Left-Wing Liberal
0 / 25