Republic of Matachewan

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Republic of Matachewan

"We do not Beg for Freedom We Fight for It"
Matachewan Ontario
Capital city Matachewan
Largest city Timmins
Official language(s) English Polish French
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Matachewan
Demonym Matachewanian
Government Constitutional Republic
- President _____ _____
Legislature Parliament
Established June 30th 2015
Population 60 (as of 2018 census)
Currency Matachewan Zloty
Time zone EST
National sport Baseball
Patron saint Saint Joseph

The Kingdom of Matachewan was created on August 3rd, 2018 by King Brandon Mierzwa.

Matachewan History

The history of Matachewan is a long. Not known to other micronations. The Kingdom has established on June 30th, 2015 but during this time it went by the name the Independent City of Matachewan it was not until September 27th, 2017 the Government of Matachewan was formed and independence was becoming a reality. But just when things were looking good a problem soon arose who would be the King? Well up until then Matachewan was ruled by a Regency Counsel but when the position of King started many wanted that title. Three men were fighting for who would be king and those men were Brandon Mierzwa, Liam Carey, and Beau Edwards they all wanted to become king. Liam was the first one to give in he surrendered to Brandon after the Battle of Montreal. Brandon and Beau were still fighting when Beau's forces finally gave up after the mutiny in his army a week ago. Matachewan was no longer in a Civil-War and enjoyed an era of peace Brandon was made King on August 1st, 2018 and wrote the Constitution and Declaration of Independence on 2nd then on August the 3rd 2018 at 9:00 am EST he declared the Kingdom of Matachewan Independent.

Early Days

Back when Matachewan first became an idea it had struggled to gain any popularity. The original Parliament had only 10 seats 5 Right-Wing 5 Left-Wing and the 11th was the King's. The idea of Matachewan started to gain local popularity in the cities of St. Catharines and Matachewan. Soon Matachewan's Parliament expanded from 10 seats to 50 seats most of the politicians were Brandon's friends and past schoolmates. One of the friends was Liam Carey. Liam served as Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017 he was the first Prime Minister of Matachewan, Liam made laws behind Brandon's back and also was one of the men that started the Matachewan Civil-War. The only casualty was one man's gun blew up burning his two fingers the man was fine but in pain, the government offered him $500 Canadian Dollars for the accident.


The Matachewan has two governing bodies. (Parliament and the Regency Council)

History of the Government

Matachewan's first government was founded on June 30th, 2015 and was a small and efficient government. The Parliament became divided on November 26th, 2015 when they were debating whether or not Parliament needed more seats. This started what is known as the Great Parliamentary Division. Matachewan now had a divided Parliament and no laws or orders could be passed through. Eventually, our government had to fix this and that's what they did, first Matachewan founded the Royal Militia of Matachewan.

Parliamentary Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideaologies Seats
Conservative Monarchist Party of Matachewan Flag of Matachewan.jpg ________ _________ Right-Wing Conservative and Monarchist
0 / 150
Matachewan Workers Front Untitled presentation (10).jpg ________ ________ Far Left Communist
0 / 150
Steel Helmets of Matachewan Untitled presentation (11).jpg _________ _________ Far Right Fascism
0 / 150
People's Libertarian Party Untitled presentation (9).jpg ________ _________ Centrist Libertarian
0 / 150
Liberal Party of Matachewan Untitled presentation (9).jpg __________ _________ Left-Wing Liberal
0 / 150


Map of Matachewan


Matachewan has 19 Provinces and 2 Federal Cities.

Bell Province West Montreal East Montreal Elk Province Gowganda West Gowganda Iroquois Province Cochrane North Timmins South Timmins New Silesia Matachewanskie New Pomorskie Greater Matachewan Lesser Matachewan Lower Matachewan Western Matachewan Gogama

Federal Cities

Matachewan, Timmins


Matachewan's Flag. 75xp-Flag of Matachewan.jpeg

End of the Republic

Partitions of Matachewan

On Sunday, November 25, 2018, the Commonwealth of Matanchewan, the Usla Empire and the State of Louisiana all declared war on the Republic. The invasion was swift and in just 2 hours the Republic Capitulated. The three countries all partitioned Matachewan and that was the end for the Republic.