Republic of Lonstrina

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Republic of Lonstrina
República De Lonstrina (Spanish)

Respubliko de Lonstrina (Esperanto)

隆斯特里纳共和国 (Chinese)
Coat of arms of Lonstrina
Coat of arms
Motto: "In Defensio contra malum" (Latin)
In Defense Against Evil
Anthem: Lonstrina Es mi herencia
Official languagesSpanish, English.
Recognised national languagesChinese, Esperanto.
Recognised regional languagesNahuatl
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Republic (De Facto) Dictatorship (De Jure)
• President
Jesús Hernández
• Foundation
27 September 2021
• kingdom
22 February 2022
• Restoration
March 3, 2022
CurrencyPi (π)
Time zoneUTC-06:00
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Lonstrina officially the Republic of Lonstrina is a micronation created by Jesús Hernández as a hobby but he decided to take the micronation a little seriously.



On September 27, 2022, Jesús Hernández had founded the Republic of Lonstrina as inspiration in the Republic of Molossia but left it later.


on February 22 he decided to restore it but Turning it into a Kingdom.


on March 3 he returned to restore the Republic of Lonstrina, promising not to change the micronation again.


The Culture Of Lonstrina Is Somewhat Influenced By The Mexican


Spanish, English, Esperanto and Portuguese are the four national languages ​​of Lonstrina, but the most widely used is Spanish. Nahuatl is a language recognized by the government of Lonstrina.


There is currently no official religion of the Republic of Lonstrina.


The Scrambled Egg It is the national dish of Lonstrina.