Republic of Libri

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Republic of Libri

Terra communis doctrina (Latin: The land of shared learning)
Your Library by Ludvig Von Drake
Capital cityNone
Largest cityNone
Official language(s)English, Latin
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameLibri
GovernmentSupervised Collaborative Democracy
LegislatureCitizen's Board
Area claimed26 square feet
Population226 (as of November 2019 census)
CurrencyLibrian Artis (LAS)
Time zoneLibrian Standard Time
National sportSpeed-reading
National animalCat

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The Republic of Libri, simply known as Libri, is a micronation in New York, NY, USA. It was founded originally as the Republic of Børge on December 19, 2017, but was reestablished as Libri on November 19, 2019. Libri is a supervised collaborative democracy. It has two official languages: English, which is widely used as the main language of conversation, and Latin, which is mainly for ceremonial and naming purposes. Template:Republic of Libri


The name Libri comes from the literal Latin translation for book.


In 2016, a group of books formed the Roosevelt Library in the location that is now Libri. Over time, though, the books grew increasingly resentful of being ruled by the United States. By April 2017, a poll concluded that 84% of books in the Roosevelt Library wanted to be independent. On December 19, 2017, they unanimously signed a Declaration of Independence, and established the Republic of Børge (meaning books in Danish, the then second official language). On New Year's Day 2018, a meeting was held to plan out the future of the country. This was followed by a renovation project that lasted until late March 2018. Things went smoothly from there, but things started to fall into disrepair by September 2019. The books all agreed that they wanted a new start, and established the Republic of Libri on November 19, 2019.

Politics and government

Libri is a supervised collaborative democracy, meaning the country is governed virtually entirely by the citizens. If a citizen wants a new law to be enacted, they must form what is called a Citizen's Board of 5 or more books. The first thing that happens in a Citizen's Board is the round-share, where all the members of the Citizen's Board propose their ideas. After the round-share, deliberation happens, where all of the members respectfully debate all of the ideas proposed. The third thing that happens is making a 'Final Proposals' document. This is the document where all of the final ideas that were agreed upon during deliberation are written down. On the Final Proposals document, there are Abiding Suggesters and Abiding Non-Suggesters. Abiding Suggesters are the books who were in the Citizen's Board and are legally required to abide by the document's rules. Abiding Non-Suggesters are also legally required to abide by the document's rules. The only difference is that they were not in the Citizen's Board. A Citizen's Board can be temporary (where it only meets once), or permanent, where the members of the Citizen's Board agree to keep meeting together at some point or interval. The current and first supervisor is Amedeo Bettauer. The role of the supervisor is only to make sure that all of the books are well and being civically active by going to and forming a Citizen's Board.

Law and order

There are no police or military in Libri. Most citizens know each other, and there has been no crime since the founding of the Roosevelt Library in 2016. However, if 2/3 of the Citizen's Board believes that one of its members poses an inherent risk to the physical safety of one or more members of the Citizen's Board, they can reject that book from the Citizen's Board. If it is a temporary Citizen's Board, that book is only barred from that one meeting, but if it is a permanent one, they are barred from all future meetings of that Citizen's Board.

Geography and climate

There are no deserts or water bodies in Libri. The highest point is Fabulas de monte (Mountain of stories), which is about 3 feet from the floor. The temperature generally stays between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


The currency of Libri is the Librian Artis, abbreviated LAS. There are two ways to earn Artisis. The first one is returning a book on time, which will earn you 1 LAS. The second way is reading one chapter/section (or 1500 words if there are no sections), which will earn you 2 LAS. There is only one way to spend Artisis, which is to stay at the Libri International Deversorium (Deversorium means hotel in Latin). The hotel costs 2 LAS per night.


Libri has 4 main tourist attractions. The first is the Doctrina Monumentum, or the Learning Monument, which is in the middle of Libri. The second is the Ostium Veritatis, or the Door of Truth, which is located at the entrance to Libri. The third is the Fabulas de monte, mentioned earlier, which is closer to the other side of Libri. The fourth one is Columnae Vexilum, or Flag Column, located directly opposite Doctrina Monumentum.


Libri does not celebrate Christmas, but does celebrate New Year's Day and Thanksgiving. It also celebrates Establishment Day on November 19th and Bettauer Day on December 16th. Establishment Day marks the founding of Libri, and Bettauer Day marks the birthday of Supervisor Amedeo Bettauer.

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