Republic of Koss (Nemkhav Federation)

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Republic of Koss

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"The People!"
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Navassa Island, Carribean Sea
Capital cityDomino
Largest cityDomino
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Catholic
GovernmentReformed Republic Under the Jurisdiction of Nemkhavia
- Head of GovermentIsabella Mello & Lucas Soares
- Head of StateLucas Soares & Isabella Mello
LegislatureCouncil of Ministers
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed20 km²
CurrencyAmerican Dolar
Time zone(UTC-3)
National sportVolleyball
National animalDog
Patron saintSt. Bernard

Offcial Website

The Republic of Koss is a micronation founded on 25 April 2011, by the founding father Lucas Paiva. The micronation had been in conflicts with the US Gov. and the Haiti Gov. because of the claim of the Navassa Island in the Carribean Sea. On the 14 May 2011 the Republic of Koss became the fourth and youngest republic in the Nemkhav Federation, with Koss's former Pesident becoming Prime Minister of Nemkhavia.


The nation had been in conflicts with the US Gov. and the Haiti Gov. because of the claim of the Navassa Island in the Carribean Sea. This conflict made the government of the Republica of Koss install a provisional capital called Domino in Brazil, South America. The Goverment has gotten stronger in Brazil. On 27 April 2011, the president of the Republic of Koss, Lucas Paiva, resigned in favor of the president Isabella Mello. The new president Isabella Mello and the Prime Minister Lucas Soares appointed the ex-president, Lucas Paiva, to be the new Secretary of State. Soon after they goined Nemkhavia, with the Kossian politician Isabella Mello becoming Nemkhavia's new Prime Minister.

Government and politics

The Goverment of the Republica of Koss is a Republic with a Council of Ministers; which is made up of all the Ministers of the Republic plus the President and the Vice-President. Its Provisional Capital iss Domino, and it is in the position of recrutation.

  • Prime Minister:Lucas Soares
  • Secretary of State:Lucas Paiva'
  • Vice-President:Marcela Hasslocher '
  • Treasurer:Vacant
  • Minister of Construction And Transportation:Vacant
  • Minister of Religion Affairs:Vacant
  • Secretary of Fiscalization: Vacant;
  • Minister of Natural Rights:Vacant

Foreign relations

Foreign Relations of Koss is controlled by the Nemkhav Federal Government

Law and order

The Republic of Koss ha a very restrict policy regarding crimes. Crimes related to alcohol must go to the Tribunal of the Republic and can serve to 2–9 years jailtime. Crimes related to murder and homicide must go to the House of Crimes where the criminal may serve 1–8 years in jail. The National Police of Koss is one of the efficient polices in the continent, having a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and murder. They could also open fire if the criminal opened fire first.

Geography and climate

The political map of the island of Navassa, the main claim of the Republic of Koss.

The Navassa Island is found on the Carribean Sea, between Jamaica and Haiti, it is debited and covers a area of 5,2 miles².It reaches an elevation of 250 feet (76 m) at Dunning Hill 110 yards (100 m) south of the lighthouse, Navassa Island Light. This location is 440 yards (400 m) from the southwestern coast or 655 yards (600 m) east of Lulu Bay. The island's latitude and longitude is 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W Coordinates: 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W. Navassa Island is south of Cuba, east of Jamaica, and west of Haiti.


The economy of the Republic of Koss was very stable, as it was based on agriculture and fishing. But when the government moved to Brazil a large boost in the economy was made because of deals by leaders and investors.