Republic of Kanaga Island

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The Republic of Kanaga Island is a small nation claiming the territory of Kanaga island, currently owned by the USA in Alaska.

Republic of Kanaga Island

Location: Aleutian Islands
Capital cityKanaga City
Official language(s)English (Official), Russian (Secondary)
Short nameKanaga
GovernmentDemocratic-Socialist, (DSPK)
Established25th February 2021 (Kanaga Day)
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Time zone(GMT-10)

The RKI was formed on 15th February 2021. This is a National Holiday in the RKI and is celebrated every year. The Republic of Kanaga Island is a democratic state but the current president, Michael Campbell (Pseudonym) shall be president until his death. When the President passes away, the first democratic election is to be held.

The Ruling Party is the DSPK (Democratic-Socialist Party of Kanaga). The President is in charge of it.

Location of the Island

Laws are made in the Kanagian Senate, made up of 5 representatives of Districts on Kanaga, and the rest are members of government and the other parties

The Island is a part of the Andreanof Island archipelago in the Aleutian Islands located in Alaska, USA. The island is 368 km2

The Republic currently exists as a micronation, and does not plan enforcing claims on the island till a future date.

We are currently accepting citizen applications and are recruiting members of government. We have no citizens at the time of writing and no government officials.

The Vice President will be democratically elected once the country has enough citizens to make the decision.

All other positions in government will be selected by the President by applying for the position. An exception is made for Vice President and Representatives of the Districts of Kanaga which will be democratically elected.

The country is still a work in progress and will updated every so often.

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Territory of the Island
Black and White Photograph of The Island