Republic of Jadoraria

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The Republic of Jadoraria
Xxxx.png Flag CAJ.png Coat of Arms

O Glory, O Sunrise, O Land Of Jadoraria
[Do You Hear The People Sing]
Largest city Imperial City (Capital City)
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Secular State (Scientology is banned)
Short name Jadoraria
Demonym Jadorarian
Government Constitutional Chancellory Direct-Democratic Republic
- Chancellor of the Dominion of the Republic of Jadoraria Dominic H. Kingdon
- Prime Minister of the Dominion Of The Republic of Jadoraria Lewis Davies
Legislature State Congress of Dominions
Established 11 April 2018
Currency Voltaire
Time zone GMT+01:00
National sport Golf
National dish Chicken Dinner
National drink Mountain Dew
National animal Royal Lion
Patron saint St Peter