Republic of Insuelia

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Republic of Insuelia

«"Bidin tituluym Insueliae
Capital cityUpper Innul
Largest cityUpper Innul
Official language(s)English, Insueliansh
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameInsuelia
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- Vice-PresidentWilliam Efton
- PresidentAlperen I
LegislatureHouse of Motions
Established23 November 2018
Area claimed54,02 mi²
Time zoneUtc +2:00
National sportFootball
National animalPenguin,Budgerigar

Coming Soon

The Insuelia Republic is a micronation established on November 23, 2018.Its capital and largest city is Upper Innul.The idea of ​​Insuelia was actually to leave Auvenum. Insuelia consists of 6 regions, five main regions, one overseas territory is available.There are currently six citizens.Citizens from many countries are available.In fact, there were more citizens, but they were canceled because they did not make any applications and they did not do any work.In the future, diplomatic relations and ambassadors are expected.


The word insuelia comes from the Latin word island (Insuae).Normally the original name was Insuaelia.But the name became simpler and became Insuelia.



It was established as a club in the beginning of 2015.Then it started to take its country.There's a book written about it and it's still hidden in the archives.Later this nation was registered for a country play.

Turkey Turkestan

In 2016, Alperen I decided to establish a country and Turkey Turkestan was established on this issue.Soon the territory was very wide.But the establishment of Buğranistan led Turkey Turkestan Civil War and the government was demolished.When the civil war ended, Turkey Turkestan disappeared on December 25, 2016.Many micronation were established in battle.

Buğranistan and Cırbülay

Buğranistan was officially dictated and there were no parties.Cırbülay had a constitution and he was very active, but there was no army. These nations were fighting and making peace, and they were the first states to recognize each other.These nations established the Kingdom of Buralia in November 2017 after a three-month unification process.


Buralia is a short-lived micronation.But this country could have taken an inner breed again and it was really terrible.Fortunately this unity was broken.On January 12, 2018, the Alperia Empire declared its independence.


Alperia,full name Empire of Alperia has a micronation with 11 citizens 29 December 2017 and attempted to destroy the country and new country Buğranistan planned. 12 January 2018 declared independence January 14, 2018 United Micropact Member .

Alperia Joined Insuelia

Alperia took a decision while inactive.Alperia joined Insuelia.The reason is that the country is too much citizen and can not see interest, therefore, Alperia Insuelia was aimed to unite the forces by joining.On December 2, officially Alperia joined Insuelia and became a founder.

Government and politics

Insuelia is currently elected temporarily elected president and vice-president. There are elections at the end of January.Officially there are 4 parties, more should be expected.Currently, the government is advancing diplomatically.

Name Logo Founded Ideology Seats Leader
Nationalists Appaarty.png 2018 Nationalism
0 / 5
Alperen Kadim Gazi
Smart Party Leftright.jpg 2019 Repubican
0 / 5
Communist Party Comparrty.png 2018 Communism
0 / 5
Independent N/A 2018 Independent
0 / 5
Democrats Appaarty2.png 2019 Democrats
0 / 5

Law and order

Constitution is writing.

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognization

Formal recognition

Alperia doesn't recognize