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{Comical/non-serious|micronation=yes}} The Republic of Hand Turkey is currently a group existing in a group message. The Republic was founded Spring of 2017 and still remains. The national animal is the hand turkey, a mythical creature found in the depths of the Republic. The land area is still under debate, but the nation thrives under the leadership of both President Karr and Prime Minister Otter. The generations usually show how much power you have in the group. However, history was made when Karr (a second Gen) was elected president in 2017. More on this in "Brief History." You can check us out on

Republic of Hand Turkey

Teamwork makes the dream work
Somewhere in the USA
Capital cityDistrict of Turkian
Largest cityNew Turk City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christian
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Republic
- PresidentKarr
- Prime ministerOtter
EstablishedSpring of 2017
Area claimedN/A
CurrencyPrimarily US money
National sportFloor is Lava
National dishCheese Fries
National drinkWater
National animalHand Turkey


The meaning of Hand Turkey is unknown, but researchers speculate that the pioneers of the nation meant "of childlike faith" pertaining to the religion of the nation. The Hand Turkey is simple, but each part of the animal is important, implying that everybody in this nation is united in one.

A Brief History

In May 2017, Hand Turkeys was created by three friends these three are known as "First Generation Hand Turks. This was the start of the first chapter. Epoch 1; Genesis had started. Near the end of August 2017, Karr was added becoming the first and last of the Second Generation. The beginning of Hand Turkey history isn't the most accurate but gradually gets better later on in history. Generally, the generation describes how powerful you are, but Karr was going to change that. Just 11 days later, Karr had brought up being president for the first time, but nobody knew it was actually going to happen. This time period marks Epoch 2; Conquering. The exact date when the epoch changed is under debate but is agreed that it happened when Karr got the idea of dictatorship. This time period was also the time period which Poage was around the most. Mainly just spamming, but it counts. Karr had gradually gotten into the government and no red flags were raised. Later on, Agent Black Star was added becoming the third generation. Media soon followed but is considered a fourth generation. The date is unknown but is speculated that in late December 2017 Karr took power. Karr gathered the later generations and ordered a beheading of Congress. Karr's rule only remained for less than a week and not many details were recorded at such times. The only thing we do know is that Congress was not beheaded, and Karr would pay dearly. March 2, 2018, Congress went on a rampage, almost killing the entirety of the group chat. Almost everyone was surprised at what happened. Karr knew why this had happened. It was revenge. Karr put out the anger of Congress and everyone brushed the incident off soon after. During late February Hand Turkeys was having a reelection. They had grown bored with their jobs, their country, and no longer had pride in the country they had made. This didn't pass and everyone was kept at the same responsibility though. This is the start of Epoch 3; The Low Ages. The Low Ages was exactly what it sounded like. Conversation kept up but nothing special happened. Hand Turkey had reached a low and it lasted. Epoch 3 would be the longest lasting age to this day, lasting a staggering 6 months. That is where Epoch 4; The Revitalization. Karr was feeling especially funky the night of July 4, 2018. What Karr discovered next rocked Hand Turkeys' world. Karr discovered there is a thing called a micronation. And that is how Hand Turkeys ended up on the MicroWiki. Everyone was hyped, this was the day Karr refers to as the "Golden Day." Only soon after on the afternoon of July 8 there was a disagreement. Statements were stated and the first law of Hand Turkey was made. You can see this law on Karr's sub-page. On July 29 the first state of the "9 Laws" was created by both Congress and Karr. Not much was done and to this day Hand Turkey does not have any constitution. Everyone does what is right in their eyes, with the exception of the law vaguely stating rules. This will be the start of Epoch 4; Losing Grip. Perhaps Hand Turkey had grown too quickly. Anybody could see that from early August to Mid-September that Hand Turkeys was deteriorating. Karr, Prime Minister Otter, and Congress tried to continue to push forward but Hand Turkey had reached a peak for the time being. Epoch 5; A Push Forward, starts with a last minute effort to go forward. Prime Minister Otter creates a Discord server. The date it was made was September 9, 2018 and it was the push forward worked. We had pride, no disfunctionality, and most of all we discovered who we were. We were a Semi-presidential republic. This is when the history of Hand Turkeys takes a turn for the better, increasing in the date department. At exactly 1:31 p.m. on November 2, 2018, Wayson was inaugurated and became a 5th generation Hand Turkey. Convienately enough for Wayson, she was elected during Hand Turkey Pride Month, and holiday established just days before. The times were good and it looks as if Baxter would be inaugurated soon too.

Government and Politics

Hand Turkey is a Semi-Presidential Republic, meaning there is both a Prime Minister and a President. Karr takes the role of President and Otter takes of Prime Minister. Congress is the ruler of laws. Hand Turkeys have a separate chat for dealing of law to keep the original one intact. Everyone has a say, but the 3 main rulers have the final say. Generally, power is distributed throughout the generations meaning that mainly the 1st gen Turks get the most power. Karr took power as a 2nd generation and Karrs' rule is special because of that. Hand Turkey is working on several laws and a constitution at this time.

Members, Citizens, and the Roles They Fill


President Karr - Prime Minister Otter - Miller (Congress) - Media (Whois Network) - Agent Black Star - Poage


Cox - Wayson

National Symbols

The Hand Turkey

The national animal. The Hand Turkey is a mythical creature only found by the citizens of the nation.

Other goodies

  • note to self, add tree, flower, food, drink, sport. :D btw CJ this is miller. this should be our flower [1]


The Republic has very little power, but a small militia just in case. President Karr has a stockpile of Nerf guns, that are ready for war. Karr also has a foam pirate sword. For military use only, there is a small remote-controlled helicopter. The name of the chopper is "Buzz." Some of the citizens of the Republic of Hand Turkey play video games, which is what we call "training." The nation has no tensions with other people groups at this moment and remains neutral.


The Republic of Hand Turkey celebrates most holidays, including some of their own.

Languages and Media

The Republic of Hand Turkey gets all of the news from a small company called Whois Network.