Republic of Einglen

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Republic of Einglen

Unity, peace, togetherness!
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
Capital cityEinsland
Largest cityEinsland
Official language(s)English, Russian
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameEinglen, ROE
- Last election - June 19, 2016
Area claimed550m²
CurrencyEinglenian Cent Coins
National sportBadminton
National animalPuggle

The Republic of Einglen was founded on June 19, 2016, by Wayne Knox, who quickly handed over the reigns of Einglen to Logan Scott, Knox's step son, who is currently the Prime Minister of Einglen. Elections in the Republic are held every 24 months, and only Einglenian citizens may vote.


Einglenians have a unique culture, a mix of Russian culture and Canadian culture. Einglenians enjoy gobbling down Poutine and Beef Stroganoff, Knish, and a whole variety of Russian and Canadian mixtures of food. Most Einglenians also take pride in playing the Treschyotka, a rattle instrument that originates from Russia.


The Republic of Einglend is a small micronation, only covering about 400-550m² of land in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada.

Residency and Citizenship

Anyone may apply for partial citizenship within Einglen, as there is no available places to stay for anyone but the Prime Minister and his family. To apply for Partial Einglenian Citizenship, one must contact the Prime Minister and submit a PEC (Partial Einglenian Citizenship) Application. The Prime Minister will read over it, and will approve or disapprove of it.


As for government in Einglen, the country is led by Logan Scott, who claims to be a democratic-socialist. His party, the Worker's Movement of Einglen, was formed shortly after he became Prime Minister. His party is currently the only in the country.

Armed Forces

Einglen has no air force, but does have a very small military and navy. The military consists of one soldier, the Prime Minister himself, who arms himself with a BB Rifle and Pistol while fulfilling his peacekeeping duties. Einglen's navy consists of one ship, the ENS (Einglen Navy Ship) Scott, a 15 foot canoe, which has served Einglen well so far.