Republic of Daikoku

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Republic of Daikoku
Republika ng Daikoku
Motto: Progress, Unity, Struggle
Anthem: Song of Great Daikoku

Manila, Philippines
Largest citySeidaikei
Official languagesEnglish, Filipino
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
Migs Caldeo
Danielle Lintag
LegislatureFederal Assembly
Establishment3 November 2014
• Census
Time zoneUTC +8
Preceded by
Daikoku Federation

The Republic of Daikoku (Filipino: Republika ng Daikoku), or Daikoku in short form, is a territorial unitary micronation located in Manila, Philippines. Its capital city is Nakatani and its largest city is Seidaikei. It has a total population of 16 and a land area of 40.3 square kilometers.

The Republic of Daikoku is the successor state to the Daikoku Federation, which was dissolved in 3 November 2014 after the dissolution of its component state the Kingdom of Treisia.