Republic of Casamir

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Republic of Casamir

Flag of Casamir.png
Coat of arms of Casamir.png

Fortitudo et Virtus (Courage and Virtue)
Radetzky March
Adriatic Sea
Capital cityŠipovac
Largest cityGrant
Official language(s)English, Croatian
DemonymCasmirian (primary)
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
- PresidentLeon Simpson
- Vice PresidentSebastian Schriber
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - 2015
Established9 February
Area claimed12.76 km2 (4.93 sq mi)
Time zoneVaries
National sportAssociation football

The Republic of Casamir (often referred to as the Casmirian Republic or simply as Casamir) is a unitary territorial micronation and nation-state movement composed of the island of Prvić in the Adriatic Sea. Casamir was formed on the 9th February 2015 by Leon Simpson and Sebastian Schriber, both of which are former Amagerians, and thus the Republic is strongly culturally and politically influenced by the former Confederation. The Republic has a strong constitutional structure and a powerful executive body, composed of the positions of President and Vice President. Nonetheless, Casamir has inherited the democratic traditions of Amager, and has a unicameral legislature known simply as the Diet, which is vested with significant power and is democratically elected.

Despite being a heavily Amagerian-influenced state and a part of the sphere of Amagerian successor states within the MicroWiki community, Casamir is a culturally and politically independent nation based upon the distinct principles of Jeffersonian Agrarianism, Green conservatism and republicanism. Casamir is also distinct in that it is heavily influenced by Croatian, and specifically Dalmatian, culture and values.