Republic of Bukva

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Republic of Bukva is a microstate located inside the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.The size is 819,907m2.The water is only 0,1%.Coordinates are: 43°38'22.1"N 18°54'35.2"E.

The capital and the largest city is Podrum.The country has 22 residents but 58 more are applying for citizenship.The gouverment is made up of Preseident and the next president.

The only water source is Boguški potok

The country has only two road connections.

President: Mr.Bajro Bukva (78yrs) Prime Minister: Mr.Rasim Bukva (43yrs) Founder: Mr.Faruk Bukva (13yrs)

Founded: 12.11.2017

Main language: Bosnian (Croatian) Other languages: Slovenian, german, english Currencies: State currency: Buro- 1€=>2BR Other currencies: BAM,EUR

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