Republic of Braveland

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Republic of Braveland

In unity and liberty!
Various spots in Michigan
Capital cityAdamstown
Short nameBraveland
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
EstablishedJune 3rd, 2015
Area claimed1.2 sq. miles (2018 estimate)
Population146 (2018 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEST
National sportSoccer
National animalWhite-tailed Deer

About Braveland

The Republic of Braveland was founded 6/3/2015. It is in various spots of Michigan and has the population of 146 as of 2018. It has the Bravelandic Volunteer Corps, which has 29 personnel, formerly 34. Our size is an estimated amount of 1 square mile.

There are two states: State of Gera and State of Frankenstark.

Towns Population

Adamstown: 45

Carlston: 18

Morris Fields: 11

Huntington: 14

Gera: 28

Roth: 8

Mead: 14

Thompson: 2

Millington Heights: 9

Bravelandic Volunteer Corps

Active Personnel: 29

Reserve Personnel: 4

Bravelandic National Militia (BNM): 18 active personnel (4 reserve personnel)

Bravelandic Police Force (BPF): 8 active personnel

Bravelandic Naval Guard (BNG): 3 active personnel

Weapons: BB-Guns, Wooden sword, airsoft weapons, Nerf weapons

Military Vehicles: 4-wheeler, vans, trucks, boats

Founded: October 15, 2015

Headquarters: Adamstown (Military in general, Police Force) Thompson (Naval Guard)

Bravelandic National Militia

The Bravelandic National Militia is the army of Braveland, founded on June 7, 2016. Before 2016, the BVC was the name for the army. Then the Police Force and Naval Guard came around and had to change its name to the Bravelandic National Militia. Volunteer Corps is another phrase for Armed Forces, to make it clearer. The National Militia has 18 active personnel and all 4 of the reserve personnel.

Bravelandic Police Force

The Bravelandic Police Force is one branch of the BVC. It was founded June 5, 2016, following the invasion. It consists of 8 soldiers from the volunteer force. They patrol the country every 2 days. Headquarters are in Adamstown.

Bravelandic Naval Guard

The Bravelandic navy, or Bravelandic Naval Guard, is another branch of the BVC. Founded July 16, 2017, it consists of one paddle boat, a pontoon boat, and a runabout boat. There are only 3 personnel in this branch. These boats are all owned by a relative of Jack Perry, but were granted usage for the Naval Guard. The BNG has never gotten into a battle. The headquarters are in Thompson, which is by a lake, near Detroit. By next month, we are hoping to claim a beach on Lake Huron and buy a Trawler Boat or a Fishing Boat.

Bravelandic Naval Fleet

BNS Royale (pontoon)

BNS Credence (runabout)

BNS Lionheart (paddle)

BNS means Bravelandic Naval Ship.

Bravelandic Medical Team

The Bravelandic Medical Team is part of the BVC, but not a technical branch. It has 9 personnel in the branch, 4 in Adamstown, 4 in Gera and 1 in Thompson. 5 are stationed in the National Militia, 3 in the Police Force and 1 in the Naval Guard. It was founded October 27, 2015.

Wars/Conflicts Involving Braveland

Battle of the Shed

June 4, 2016

Also known as the Sagan-Bravelandic War, the Battle of the Shed happened in Adamstown. 8 people, who called themselves the Black Hook, invaded with BB-Guns and shot 2 citizens. 3 soldiers were on duty and defended the shed fiercely until the entire defense force, except 10 people, showed up and made the Black Hook leave. We later found out that they were from the city of Saginaw and claimed to be the micronation of "Sagaland", who we found out had the population of 131. These are our enemies.

Deseret War

July 23, 2018 - July 26, 2018

The Deseret War is a war currently happening between the Republic of Seveiria and the Escalante Republic. On July 23, Seveiria declared war on the Escalante Republic. The same day, the Seveirian president asked his allies for help and President Jack Perry declared war on the Escalante Republic. Not much fighting took place. Since July 25, it was a ceasefire. Now we are all allies.

Braveland-Sagaland Conflict

June 4, 2016 -

Since the 2016, Sagaland and us have been in a cold war position, but without any nuclear weapons. We currently have our military ready and Sagaland have their reserves militarized, unlike us, though we only have 4 reserve personnel. At any moment, we could go into war.

Bravelandic Civil War

August 22, 2018 - August 30, 2018

45 communists have began the Braveland National Communist Army and shot the president in the knee and 4 other soldiers in arms and legs. They declared war and terrorized the residents. The only battles was the Battle of Perry Farm and Battle of Hecht Farm. Communism has been banned and the war ended on the 30th.

Saginaw Cluster War

‘’’November 18th -‘’’ Braveland joined the Saginaw Cluster War after Jutila, a Republic in the Saginaw Cluster, invaded Key Hill.

Agriculture and Economy

The Bravelandic Farming Co. is the center of our economy and agriculture. They grow corn, wheat, sugar beets and more. The residents have their own gardens that grow plants from peas to pumpkins, especially in Adamstown, where the Presidential family grows many plants. There are a few businesses in Braveland claims that are owned by the U.S.A., such as Star of the West, a mill, and a bar. Braveland is surrounded by fields, which makes the country have a smalltown feel.

Climate and Geography

The geography of Braveland is all flat plains, with mostly farmland and one lake. The climate of Braveland is very cold in the winter, cold in the fall, warm in the spring and very warm in the summer.


Braveland, today, is very peaceful. The community is strong, like a family. We recognize all micronations that claim land that are not on a different planets or in the ocean and that do not claim land that is bigger than the state of Rhode Island, USA. We recognize Catalonia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.


The political spectrum of Braveland is half Conservative and half Liberal, but there are many parties that have been created.

- Liberty Party (Conservative)

- Green Party (Liberal)

- Libertarian Party (Right-Wing Libertarian)

- Farmer's Party (Conservative)

- Liberal Party (Liberal)

- Reform Party (Centrist)

- Progressive Party (Left-Wing Libertarian)

- Whig Party (Conservative)

- Natural Law Party (Centrist Leaning Left)

- Charter Party (Conservative)

Jack Perry founded the Farmer's Party, the first party, and later changed to the Liberty Party in 2017.

James Lewis founded the Libertarian Party in November 2016. Lewis was a former councilperson. He became a Liberty in February 2018.

Vice-Presidents October 2015: Josh Whitman (First VP) (Liberty Party)

June 2016: Dylan Tucker (First VP Election Winner) (Liberty Party)

December 2016 - Martha Radcliff (Green Party)

June 2017 - Arthur Whitmore (Libertarian Party)

December 2017 - Arthur Whitmore (Libertarian Party)

June 2018 - James Lewis (Liberty Party)

December 2018 -


Braveland is allied with all the nations in the UNL and the UNAM.

List of Allies



La Paz


Republic Of Esperanza


United Southeast Asian States


List of Enemies


History with Sagaland

June 4, 2016: Our history began with Sagaland on June 4, 2016. The Sagans launched an attack with 8 men. First it was an 8 vs 3, then it turned into a 7 vs 16, which of course we won.

June 29, 2016: Sagaland threatens us against, saying they will invade the capital house with their entire military. Seeing the size of Sagaland, we guessed their military size was between 50 - 80 troops. It could have been a trick, though. We still don't know to this day.

January 9, 2017: Go foward 6 months, it was a normal day in Gera, Braveland. Then a black jeep pulls into the bar parking lot and 3 men come out of the vehicle. They don't go inside of the bar, but instead walking alongside the road. A resident that is dedicated to Braveland spots them and sees they are heading in the direction to Adamstown. At the capital house we got a call about them, so we sent 10 personnel to stop them. We kept them hostage for 2 hours until the Vice-President herself came down to Adamstown and worked out a deal, called the Gera Deal. We wouldn't attack each other anymore, but we wouldn't trade either. The 3 men left with the vice-president and her bodyguards.

September 10, 2017: Threats of a Sagan invasion were coming in. We brushed them off, but still hoped Sagaland would stick by the Gera Deal.

July 18, 2018: A year later, word came around saying that Sagaland has militarized almost half their population, which made us nervous. Right now, we are bumping training up to once a week. If we hear any more threats, we will train 3 times a week.

July 25, 2018: 3 Sagan soldiers drove into Adamstown and shouted "Watch your back, Jack!". We shot a few bullets at them and then they left.

July 26, 2018: On the Amino app, Jack put out a poll asking if we should declare war or not. It came out to be a 50% on each. The Election Council decided to wait until they attacked.


Union for Nations of Liberty

Union of North American Micronations

The National Council

The National Council discusses conflicts that happens in Braveland. They also vote on the president, like the electoral college. There are 21 councilpersons: Jacob Doyle, Julie Perkins, Joseph Durham and Katherine Hecht, and more. Former councilperson James Lewis won the vice presidency race in June and Jacob Doyle was elected to the council. Stephen Quincy is the current Speaker of the Council.

List of Councilpersons

Jacob Doyle (Liberty)

Frederick Cass (Libertarian)

Julie Perkins (Green)

Joseph Durham (Liberty)

Katherine Hecht (Green)

Joshua Whitman (Liberty)

Michael Kelly (Libertarian)

Carl Scott (Whig)

Andrew Zehnder (Reform)

Stephen Quincy (Reform)

Lincoln Buchinger (Farmer’s)

John Douglas (Farmer’s)

Samuel Wagner (Liberty)

Robert Frank (Liberty)

John Worden (Green)

Zachary Barnes (Libertarian)

Emma Kroeger (Liberty)

Caleb Eurich (Liberty)

Allison Kern (Liberal)

Rose Reinhardt (Progressive)

Chester Hart (Libertarian)


Sports are very popular in Braveland. Here are some sports we play.


Soccer is the national sport of Braveland. There is not a national team, but most of the residents know how to play.

American Football

Football is the most popular sport in Braveland. Most know how to play, and most residents like to watch it on TV. The main family of Braveland plays a game every Thanksgiving.


Everyone knows how to play it, and at parties, people like to play it for fun.

National Anthem

O Braveland, Our Holy Land

Up with the flags of patriots

In the land of liberty

Through the storms of life

The flag by my side

May the sun arise each day

O Braveland, our holy land

Land of peace and happiness

Under the sun and what is right

We will always win the fight

Land of order, land of right

O Braveland, our holy land

Our evil foes cannot withstand

The strength of our nation

Through our vital conflicts

And the war

May we arise ev’ryday

O Braveland, our holy land

Land of peace and happiness

Under the sun and what is right

We will always win the fight

Land of order, land of right

O Braveland, our holy land

Forever will your banner wave

With the strength of love and peace

In unity

And liberty

Which that our motto be

O Braveland, our holy land

Land of peace and happiness

Under the sun and what is right

We will always win the fight

Land of order, land of right

O Braveland, our holy land

Federal Holidays

New Year's Day: January 1

Valentine's Day: February 14

St. Patrick's Day: March 17

Easter: Depends on the March equinox

Military Appreciation Day: June 6

America's Independence Day: July 4

Braveland Day: October 15

Halloween: October 31

Thanksgiving: Fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Eve: December 24

Christmas Day: December 25

New Year's Eve: December 31