Republic of Aurora

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Republic of Aurora

Official language(s)English
Time zoneHST

The Republic of Aurora is a micronation based in the United States and Canada. The Republic of Aurora is a neutral micronation abstaining from many major micro National conflicts. The Republic of Aurora values peace and prosperity. Aurora has several Ministries which are charged with maintaining the country.

The Ministries

Aurora Foreign Ministry - Handles the foreign affairs of the micronation

Aurora Ministry of Education - Operates the national Government's education system and educational programs

Aurora Ministry of Economy - Monitors the economy and support economic growth

Aurora Ministry of Defense - Defends our nation

Aurora Ministry of Government business - Operates Government enterprises

Aurora Ministry of Health - Operates the National Governments healthcare system and health programs

Aurora Ministry of Public Safety - Protects the public

Aurora Ministry of Service - Enforces the service requirement

Ministry of Immigration and Customs - Enforces our border and manages our border security

Ministry of Natural Resources - Protects natural resources and the environment while providing basic utilities

Ministry of Public Parks and Recreations - Manages national parks and monuments as well as national government recreational facilities

Ministry of Social Welfare - Operates our social welfare programs

Ministry of Transportation - Operates the National government's transportation system

National Crime Control Ministry - Combats crime and reduces the crime rates.


The Republic of Aurora has four layers of government. National- the national government of the Republic of Aurora Regional- governs a region Provincial- governs provinces Local- governs City, Town, County or villages


Many kinds of food are eaten in Aurora. The people in Aurora frequently consume Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, American food, and Italian food. The people in Aurora like to eat steak during the summer season and having ice cream on hot summer afternoons in the tropical areas of Aurora.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement in Republic of Aurora is a primary responsibility of the local police or Sheriff Department. Some provinces have Provincial Police forces. All regions have a regional police force. Reasons also run their own prison authorities as well. The national government has the Aurora National Intelligence Police Department, National investigation Authority, National investigation Bureau, National Corrections Authority, Aurora border Force, Aurora Coast Guard, Ministry of Transportation Highway Patrol, Aurora Customs and Border Protection, Aurora National Police Department, Aurora tax office, Aurora National Sheriff's Department.


Unlike many other micronations the Republic of Aurora National Police Department and the Republic of Aurora and National Sheriff's Department primary objective is Public Safety. The Aurora National sheriff's department and Aurora National Police Department are overseen by the Aurora Ministry of Public Safety. Police Department and the Aurora National Sheriff's Department work in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to protect the public. The Aurora Police Department and Sheriff's Department does not have stations in every city and County. National Police Department and Sheriff's Department do you have stations in every region and province. The Aurora National Police and Sheriff are more spread out than any other law enforcement agency in the republic of Aurora.


The Aurora National Intelligence Police Department serves more of investigative and counter-intelligence role. The National Intelligence Police Department will assist local law enforcement agencies are serious investigations and assist in hostage rescue operations. The National investigations Authority is it general investigation agency. The national investigation Authority will assist the local police in any investigation it deems necessary to assist.

Local police

Regional, provincial, and local police will be the primary agencies respond to Crime that occurs in the country. The local police forces will be responsible for handling the most basic crimes. The National Police and Sheriff will assist in major events to help keep order and prevent injuries.


The National Corrections Authority runs prisons for the national government of the Republic of Aurora. The National Corrections Authority believes in Rehabilitation over retaliation. The philosophy of the National Corrections Authority is that we need to give convicts an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and re-enter Society.


The Republic of Aurora’s has a drone that is used to monitor our border and during times of war assist our military. Aurora Border Force also works with the Aurora Air National Guard which has a single RC plane. The Republic of Aurora’s Coast guard has a toy boat.