Republic of Regaltia

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Micronation of Regaltia
Regaltan Insignia.png

Do your own thing.)
Capital cityRegaltian City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)[[]]
- Second ChancellorAnthony L
- ChancellorRyan H
- Grand Advisor(Vacant)
LegislatureGrand Council
Area claimed0 km²
Population9 (as of 2013 census)
National animalDog

The Republic of Regaltia is a micronation. As of 2013 no territorial claims have been set. In the future Regaltia plans on expanding it's lands "outside" of an already claimed sovereignty. In doing so, Regaltia would evolve from a non-territorial micronation to a sovereign territorial country.

Government and politics

The Republic Of Regaltia is a country based on self sufficiency. Regaltia prefers be viewed as "the oasis of regulation, taxes, and corruption".

Law and order

If a law should be broken, you will be tried by the Grand Council of Regaltia. ONLY under the circumstances in which life has been lost will Capitol Punishment be permitted.


Regaltia is currently not apart of any international organizations or alliances, though it has signed into a mutual alliance with The Democratic People's Republic of Kalrathia, with which it plans to further diplomacy with.


The Republic Of Regaltia currently has one branch of military. Although we plan to have air, land and infantry capabilities they would all govern under the Regaltian Defense Force.