Repubblica Italica

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Repubblica Italica (Italian) Micronazione Sovrana Impero
Motto: \
Anthem: \
Founders: Nico R, Francesco C, Nicolò B.
President of Republic: Nico R
Date of Foundation: 18 June 2009
Idependence Declaration: 18 June 2009
Government: Direct Democracy
Population: 16

Repubblica Italica was born on 18 june 2009. It's an aterritorial italophone micronation that believes in freedom, justice and direct democracy.

It has been founded by a group composed by people that would create a serious and operative micronation. Repubblica Italica doesn't have territory and its operations and public life are on web.
Although Repubblica Italica is young, its citizens have already written and voted with favour the Constitution, based on direct democracy and freedom, and a lot of laws to regulate the pubblic life with respect for indivudual freedom.
This advanced legislation warrants to Italic citizens freedom and democracy, putting this Republic in intermicronational scenario.
The cultural and political development is warranted by two parties wich believe in freedom and in a lot of cultural clubs, frequented also by foreign citizens, that, according with Italic legislation, can open clubs too.

Electoral sistem is based on Direct Democracy. The government system is presidential and juridical power, as in every real democracy, is completely separated from political power.
There aren't delegates, because of Direct Democracy, and so everyone can exprime his will directly in the two chambers.
One chamber debates about laws, the other votes.
Every micronation has its own culture. Repubblica Italica has its own and wants to show that its culture is different to italian one. Italic citizens consider italic culture based on italian but different because of a lot of aspect. We want to create a new, important culture!

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