República Integralista De Libel

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República Integralista De Libel.png

The Republic Of Libel Was Created On 20 October 2018 with Its Current, President Koddy The Country Is Advancing Technologically And In Agricula The Country Is Yes Allowed To Vote But Only On: 1st Minister, Governor & Political Adviser, The Official Language Of Nation Is The Portuguese Libeltariano To The Country Has 4 Active Military None In The Reserve 2 Frontier Guards The Country Does Not Disclose Its Square Meters, The Per Capita GDP is From: $66,55 Worth R $250.

 The Official Currency Of The Country Is The Libel That Goes From 1 Libel Up To 15000 Libels The Cents Are Made In And 0.9.
 The Official Religion Of The Country Is Christianity Which Is Based On Evangelical Religion (Believer) We Unite Religions, Because We Want A More United Country With The Church We Do Not Want A Lay State.
 Libel's Integralist Republic Formerly Called Linon Republic And Capitalist Era.
 The Country Has A Constitution Crimes That When Committed You Can Be Arrested As For Example: To Disrespect God From Perpetual Arrest In The Nation Since In The Constitution Of The Country It Is Written That It Is Not To Be Done That.