Renenet the Fish

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Renenet the Fish.jpg
SpeciesBetta splendens
BreedButterfly Betta
BornBangor, ME
Nation fromMisberian, Urian
Known forPet of the Sakom
TitleFirst Pet of Misberia
Term6, February, 2021 - Present
OwnerArchie Birch
Named afterEgyptian god of nourishment and harvest
AwardsSee below

Renenet (6th February, 2021 - Present), often referred to by nickname Renini, is a Principality of Misberia honorary citizen and the first pet of the Sakom of Misberia. Renenet is also a active citizen in the Free State of Uris.


Renenūtet (also transliterated Ernūtet and Renenet) was a goddess of nourishment and the harvest in ancient Egyptian religion.


Renenet was first adopted from Bangor, Maine on the 6th of February 2021 and has been in the care of Archie Birch and his consort since then. She has suffered from acute ammonia poisoning and multiple hernias, but has made full recoveries every time. She has a sibling named Andromeda, also a Butterfly Betta himself, while they are not blood siblings, they were bought from the same store and has been in the care of Archie Birch and his consort as well.


Free State of Uris

Awards and Honors

Principality of Misberia

  • First Pet of The Nation, 6th of February 2021
  • Honorary Citizenship, 6th of February 2021
  • Dame of The Order of Polaris, 3rd of May 2021