Regions of Nemkhavia

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Nemkhavia is a Republic, made up of Regions and Provinces. The different divisions have varying levels of autonomy. The Republics are led by Presidents, while the Provinces are ruled directly by the Federal Republic.

Region of Bosja

The Region of Bosja is the second largest entity within the SFR, and makes up the bulk of the territory known as Greater Nemkhavia. It is the centre of Nemkhav economic activity, and is one of the most populated areas of the nation. It is led by it's President, curently Captain Nicolas Drimonak. Most of the members of the Nemkhav Government call Bosja home. It's capital is Cernograd.


Bosja has a local government, based on the larger Federal Government. It has a President and a Local People's Assembly. The Local Assembly is designed to deal with issues that effect people in Bosja at purely local level, and the President ensures that the people's opinions are heard at national level.


Bosja is made up of urban areas and plains. It is centred around Silver Fox Plain, a large green space. In the south, the urban area gives way to the foothills of the mountains.

Province of Urkhavsk

The Province of Urkhavsk is a province located in the north of Greater Nemkhavia. It is made up entirely of green areas and is one of the three countryside provinces of the nation. It is a centre of relaxation in Nemkhavia, used mostly for sporting events and family leisure. It is governed by the Federal Assembly of Nemkhavia directly. It's capital is Davor Insja

Province of Lestaja

The Province of Urkhavsk is the second largest division of the SFR. Located in the very south of Greater Nemkhavia, it is made up entirely of mountains and forests. it's highest point is Mount Khaterina, which gives a commanding view of the whole of Greater Nemkhavia and Ireland beyond. It is a centre of relaxation in the summer, and much of the province also functions as a training area for the Nemkhav Defence Forces if needed. It's capital is Camp Srijna, located at the base of the route up to the summit of Khaterina.