Regions of ASEA

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The territory of ASEA is divided in 8 regions and an Oversea Territory.



The region of Graham includes the territory in the Antarctica Peninsula and the adjoining islands. The capital of the region is the city of Stonington, on Stonington Island. The Major cities are: Primavera, Melchior, Detaille, Horseshoe.


The region of Ellsworth includes the territory from the beginning of the antarctica peninsula to the Ellsworth Mountains, and from the coast to the border with Middelland and South Pole. The capital is the city of Up Point, in the Ellsworth Mountains.


The region of Filchner includes the territory and the islands of the Filchner Ice Shelf, and a little piece of land near the border with Ellsworth. The capital is Filchner Point.

Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms