Realm of West Aurelia

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State of West Aurela
West Aurelia.png

Capital cityHartog
Largest cityNoongar
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Example
Short nameWest Aurelia
DemonymWest Aurelian
- Governor for West AureliaVacant
- Ruled byGrand duke Daniel I
Established3rd of September, 2016
Disestablished14th of May, 2020
Area claimed2.5km²
Population10 (as of 2016 census)

The Realm of West Aurelia is a micronation founded on September the 3rd, 2016. It became inactive and was annexed by the Unified Royal States of Australis and incorporated as their 7th state


West Aurelia derives from the "Aurelia" meaning "The Golden One", "West" comes from the fact that the state is located in Western Australia.