Re-United Provinces of the Green Mountains

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Republic of the Green Mountains (Green Mountain Republic)
Green Hills Current Flag.png
G.M.R. National Flag
Coat of Arms of the G.H.R.
G.M.R. Coat of Arms

"Live Long and Die Free"

Capital cityFort Liberty
Largest cityFort Liberty
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Freedom of Religion
GovernmentFederal Democratic Republic
EstablishedNovember 7th, 2016
Area claimed0.8 Acres (Approximate)
Population17 (2019 count)
CurrencyTrade/ G.H.R. Bill/ USD
National sportBaseball
National animalTurkey

The Green Mountain Republic's current location

The Green Mountain Republic, officially,The Re-united Provinces of the Green Mountains (re-united after the reuniting of the G.M.R's provinces in 2017) , and formerly the Green Hills Republic,is a Micronation currently located in Central Connecticut, and founded in Vermont. The self proclaimed sovereign state has a permanent population of 15, and has three districts. The nation declared independence on October 17, 2016. It is now a Representative Democracy

General Information


The Re-United Provinces of the Green Mountains was created on November 7, 2016 in Southern Vermont, originally being called "The Green Mountain Republic" and was a Republic for two months. On January 1,2017 the Re-United Provinces of The Green Hills Republic was created as a government-in-exile and a de-facto successor to the G.M.R. during the first referendum. A Representative Democracy was enstated into the former provinces on February 2, 2018. As the last nation was strictly isolationist, the new government joined the Micronational Assembly on November 6, 2018. The G.M.R. name was restated in mid-2019, and the nation currently resides inside of the U.S. state of Connecticut.

G.M.R. Map of established territory

Foreign Relations

The Green Mountain Republic has had foreign relations with many nations, currently residing to the Micronational Assembly, first coming into contact with the State of Gradonia and the Elgen State (Kingdom of New Prussia). Since then the G.H.R. has made agreements of mutual recognition with the Republic of Saint Christopher and, The Confederacy of Nirvania.

Current Politics

Current issues in the Republic include, a large degree of protests for a return in unitary party ruling from the former Green Hills Republic, still fighting for representation, and one of which gaining a seat in the congress. A percentage of the legislature is attempting to set up a more professional army by instating a draft, but this idea is very unpopular within most of the congress. The Name Change During the 4th congressional annual meeting, it was decided that the name of the micronation should be changed for the second and final time, for cultural and geographic reasons, including the historical connection with the Green Mountain Boys Militia through it's military structure.


Province Flag Population Information
New Vermont Province New Vermont Peovince Flag.png 2 (1 military, 1 citizen) The largest in size of the three, this province is best known for it's hilly landscape.
Capitol Province Flag of the G.M.R.'s Capitol Province.png 3 (1 military, 2 citizen) As most populous province in the nation, this province is the center of the G.M.R.'s free market system.
East Coast Province Current Flag of the East Coast Province.png 1 (1 military 0 citizen) The smallest in population of the provinces this territory is best known for it's excellent stream systems.


Territory Flag Population Information
South East Bay Territory South East Bay Territory Flag.png None (as of 2019) The only existing non-provincial territory of the G.M.R.

Major Political Parties

Party Name Flag Information
The Pacifist Party Pacifist Party G.M.R..png Currently the largest party in the G.M.R., it controls 2/3 of the seats in congress and has four members. The party was formed in January of 2017, and is currently working toward a larger central government, and foreign revelations.
The Conservative Party Flag of the G.M.R. Conservative Party.png Currently controllers one seat in Congress and has two members. The party was created in October of 2017, and it's main goal is to restore former values of the (G.H.R.) Republic, including it's former isolationist values, and increase in military spending.

The Flag

Original flag of the G.H.R. approved on in 2016
Flag of the G.H.R. circa October 2018

The first flag of the G.H.R. was decided on in the country's creation in 2016, adopting the flag of American Revolution's Green Mountain Boys militia. The modern flag of the Green Mountain Republic was decided upon in November of 2018, commemorating the second "independence day", and has been used in most modern interpretations of the micronation. Since then the original flag of the republic has stayed on capitol grounds, and due to budget reasons, a new flag has not been purchased by the treasury

Symbolism The flag of the republic is based mostly off of the landscape, such as it's name. The flag features a pine tree, a common tree found mostly in Connecticut filled in, and surrounded by green. The flag still retains as the president says "hints of the Flag of the Green Mountain Boys" of which the nation was based.


Below listed are allies that the G.M.R. has accumulated after it's initial isolationist period.


The economy of the Green Mountain Republic is based solely upon it's lumber industry. This system has been is use since the country's creation, originally, lumber was used as currency, but as the industry grew, the congress passed an act allowing paper bills to represent the lumber.

Fig. 1


Over the years of 2016-mid 2018, the price of lumber increased, due to the lack of it. As such, the amount of bills being printed was increased, and the value of the G.H.R. dollar decreased, this can be seen on the inflation model (fig. 2). That would change dramatically, when, in the summer of 2018, a large Spruce Tree was cut down, and the value of wood decreased, while the G.H.R.'s economic recession quickly improved. A second economic recession occurred in the beginning of 2019 when lumber, again came scarce (fig. 1), this second recession is still continuing to this day, initially casing a 32% inflation rate.

Fig. 2

Business in the G.H.R.

The G.H.R.'s first company (known as the National Lumber Distributor, or N.L.D.), was created shortly after the nations creation, and distributed lumber across the provinces. This company lasted from 2016- January of 2018, when the company went bankrupt due to the economic recession. The original owner of the N.L.D. liquidated the business and instead invested into government bonds established after the recession and formed the G.H.R.'s second government licensed business, the "Bond Distributor", or the B.D. , that sold bonds to the small population. But is now in a steady decline due to the "Second Recession"

The Bank

In February of 2017, the nations first bank was formed in Congress, winning by a 60% majority. This Bank was built for free market trade, and to protect this, the bank became privately owned, and continued with government support and private investments. In 2017-2018, the Bank managed to survive both economic recessions, besides the lack of trade.

The 100 G.H.R. Bill, put in print in the 2nd recession
The original paper bill of the G.H.R.

The G.M.R. Militia

The Green Mountain Republic's militia Corps is the standard defense force of the republic. The militia is separated by each militiamen's respective provinces (seen above), but operates as a collective whole. The militia currently has three voluntary recruits, and operates Crosman 1377 air rifles, making up much of it's arsenal.

Flag of the G.M.R.'s Militia