Raphanian Corps of Discovery

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Defense Force

Seal of the RCD

Banner of the RCD
Established: 8 April 2022
Anthem: "Chanson de l'oignon"
Headquarters: Garretsburg, Raphania
General nature: Law Enforcement, Border Protection, Defense Force
Strength: 2
Grand Emir: Charles I
Commanding General: Tony of Garretsburg
General information
Engagements: Raphanian Revolution
Standard weapon

Chiappa Little Badger (Rifle)
SIG Sauer P320 (Sidearm)
Switchblade Pocket Knife

The Royal Raphanian Corps of Discovery, abbreviated to RRCD or RCD, is the primary military and law-enforcement service in the Grand Emirate of Raphania. While existing as a relatively small independent state, Raphania still fully utilizes this militia style defense force for operations in the areas of exploration, development and peacekeeping duties. Additionally, the RRCD works with allies within the North American Charter Organization to assist in regional security and defense and as such falls also under the NACO chain of command during organizational based operations.

The Corps of Discovery trace their founding to the Raphanian Revolution of April 2022 when they formed as a rebellious splinter group within the pre-existing Raphistan Security Force of the Desert Realm of Raphistan (Raphania's predecessor state) in support of the restoration of legitimate real-world rulership and the ousting of the simulationist Shah Aexander regieme. Following the overthrow of Raphistan's government and its replacement with Raphania, the RRCD took over the duties of the RSF and assumed its role within the nation.

Since assuming control, the RRCD has taken a stance of pacifism and defense, using its personnel to conduct missions of exploration into the Arizona desert and beyond, though they still train for the rare instances in which armed reaction is warranted; additionally, the RRCD act sometimes as body-guards for the monarch and government of Raphania during times of high alert.

Ranks of the RRCD