Randouler Weather Station

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Randouler Weather Station
Randouler Weather Station in May 2020
LocationFree City of Songo, Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia
Reports InCelsius and Fahrenheit
LanguagesEnglish and Misberian
TypeWeather Rock
ObserverArchie Birch

The Randouler Weather Station is a weather station located in the Free City of Songo, named after Nicholas Randouler


The weather rock was first established on 12 May 2020 after talks with Zar Antanov of Obscurium to create one in his nation located in Germany. The weather rock was originally called Darrel and was planned on having googly eyes. The weather rock had reports daily in the Misberian Times for two weeks until the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 or otherwise known as the Siguam Crisis of 527.


The weather rock has a five-tier alert system for the region of Southern Maine providing alerts for The Free City of Songo and The State of Highland in Misberia.

Alert System of the Randouler Weather Station
Alert Level Conditions Required
Blue Level No special awareness.
Green Level Take some precaution and prepare for possible weather
Yellow Level Possible hazardous weather conditions
Orange Level Hazardous weather conditions likely
Red Level Dangerous weather conditions exist

History of Weather Alerts
Alert Level Date Region Conditions
Yellow Level 23 May 2020 Free City of Songo Thunderstorms


On 10 June 2020, the weather rock was renamed and granted memorial status in the Directive of Misberia for the recently passed micronationalist, Nicholas Randouler who provided the Misberian people the kick needed to create a culture so they could partake in his GUM Sister Cities Program.