Rajahnate of Tondo

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Rajahnate of Tondo
Rahanato ng Tondo

Proposed Flag of Tondo.PNG
Civil Ensign
New Coat of Arms.PNG
National Seal

God Mit Uns
God with Us
Capital citySan Lorenzo
Official language(s)Filipino and English
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional monarchy
- MonarchDrinian Ordanel
- Prime MinisterTBA
Established15 September 2016
Area claimed4.5 ha

Tondo, officially the Rajahnate of Tondo, is a micronation in Southeast Asia. It was founded on the 15 of September, 2016. It is located both on Malaysia and the Philippines. It was founded on the 15 of September, 2015 as the Federated States of Tondo, until President Drinian Ordanel proclaimed the existence of a Monarchy.

Originally founded as an Alternative State to the Greater Kaleido, it gained total independence on September 25, 2016 when the Greater Kaleido dissolved.

Politically, Tondo is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary system of Government, with the Rajah of Tondo as the Head of State. Altough a Constitutional Monarch, the Rajah wields immense power of Government Affairs such as Promulgating Bills, Issuing Imperial Decrees, Dissolving the Parliament and appointing the Prime Minister and Cabinet.


On September 12, 2016, Former FGK Politician Victor Reyes announced the foundation of a "New State" as part of his Alternative Micronation Project. He invited his nephew, Drinian Ordanel to join his project, he later joined. Then, Ordanel invited Malaysian Micronationalist Imran Ihtisyan to join them, he then accepted the offer.

On September 14, 2016, Ordanel adopted the Constitution, which was approved later on. And on September 15, 2016, the trio declared independence from both Malaysia and the Philippines as the Federated States of Tondo, but the nation is yet to organize it's system. And on September 20, Drinian Ordanel proclaims the existence of a Monarchy and renamed the nation as the Rajahnate of Tondo.


Tondo is a Rajahnate governed as a Constitutional monarchy with the Rajah as it's Head of State. The Rajah has a broad set of powers that overshadow much of powers of other government officials.

The Prime Minister acts as the Head of Government of the Empire, Leader of the Executive Branch of the Government, and Chief Adviser to the Rajah. He also leads the 3-Seater Parliament, which is the Legislature of the Rajahnate of Tondo.