Rajahnate of Selurong

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Rajahnate of Selurong
Kerajaan Selurong

Reviving Forgotten Historical States
Capital cityKota Seludong
Largest cityMalolos
Official language(s)Malay, Tagalog, English (Official)
Short nameSelurong
GovernmentElective Monarchy
- Rajah (King)Darvinos I
- Lakan (Minister)Francis Mondragon
- Chief JusticeAnthony Cruz
LegislatureRuma Bichara (Council)
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 7
Population5 (all nominal)
CurrencyJabir Coin
Time zoneGMT + 8
National drinkCoconut Water
National animalFrog

Under Construction

The Rajahnate of Selurong is a micronation in the Philippines.